Sunday, December 25, 2016

Burgers and Blankets-Our 2016 Christmas Day Outreach

What an amazing day it was in Davenport, Florida as we blessed many people guessed it...."BURGERS & BLANKETS". By the grace of God, we gave away 37 blankets and 100 meals, and also gave SO MANY kids some amazing toys that were lovingly donated by a local couple named James and Margaret, who recently moved here. We had some great "On the ground" help from Stacy and Tammy who showed up READY TO SERVE, and were both absolute naturals at loving people in a big way.

One of the more amazing things that happened on this day was one of the people that live at the trailer park, who's name is Doug blessed us with some of his own money he donated to the ministry, as he thanked us for what we were doing for the trailer park. Not only did it touch our hearts deeply, but this is a man who's wife Nancy died last year (she used to serve with us), and we cannot begin to tell you how very much that all meant to us.The Bible talks about how easy it is to give from your abundance, but the ones who give from their lack, will be abundantly blessed.

We pray that as we wrap up our 4th Christmas here in Davenport, after serving so many years on the streets of Miami, that God continues to use us in mighty ways and continues to expand our borders. ALL we want to do is serve Him and reach the lost and needy with His message of LOVE and forgiveness.

We would love for you to partner with us in 2017, as we begin our 9th year of ministry and look forward to all that our amazing God has in store for us. Please remember that we rely 100% on your love gifts and donations as we seek to save that which was lost. God Bless you all, have a Merry Christmas and a very safe and Happy New Year.

We Will Rise When He Calls Our Name,

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