Saturday, November 12, 2016

Gifts From The Heart

Today was a beautiful day serving at Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center in Davenport, FL.
We thank you Lord God that we GET TO SERVE!
The picture above we took inside of the 
hospital and it was fitting for serving the sick. 
"Gifts From The Heart"

We were beyond blessed to share the Gift of God's Love to several patients from The Heart. 

Praying with Mary as she was saying Jesus, Jesus, Jesus we told her that He loves her so much. She was in tears as we prayed over her sick body and as we walked out we told her it's her job just to have faith like a child that Jesus will heal her! 
Your part is easy Mary, just BELIEVE- AMEN she shouted! 

As we walked into Paul's room he had a hospital staff just sitting there watching him. We were able to not only pray over Paul partially in Spanish but minister directly to her and several hospital staff. 
And there was Alex who was recovering a week now from an overdose. Although he believes the atmosphere saved him from death, we shared with him that is was Jesus. 
God isn't done with you yet Alex! 
He was engaged while we spoke about drugs and how God saved Steve from an overdose too! 
Then Sabrina came in -hospital staff- and said that he wasn't allowed to have visitors because he was in protected custody. Sabrina was filled with kindness and allowed us to pray with him before we left. God made a way for Alex to have that visit and encouragement! 

We believe we spoke Life and the power of 
Jesus's Love in his life and all throughout the hospital today. 
To share in the Gift of Jesus From The Heart to others was beautifully perfected today. Love came down!
Thank you Lord Jesus for using us today! 
Thank you for everyone who prayed for us too. 
Oh and we were able to pass out 
25 Daily Bread Devotional Books. 

We are so thankful that WE GET TO SERVE! 


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