Saturday, October 08, 2016

"Loving on the Poor...and eatin Pizza"

The title of this post could never be more appropriate and simply truthful, so simple that a child would have no trouble understanding what happened today. Surrender40 Ministries served the people of Proctors Mobile Home Trailer Park and we had an absolute joyous time. The kids that you see pictured above read tracts about Jesus out loud and you could hear the love and laughter coming from their little hearts. Neighbors received food, canned goods, clothing, backpacks and so many other blessings. more thing, PIZZA, lots of Pizza. We love to serve pizza to our beloved neighbors here because most of the folks that live here cannot afford to buy their own pizza. What a great time we had. We are so grateful to all our friends in Providence, the community we live in, and Karen, our wonderful loving next door neighbor for donating canned goods and many other items that today blessed so many families. 

It was a ANOTHER beautiful LOVE day and we are so honored that we get to serve. Thank you Jesus for the anointing and the ability to do what you would have us do. We love you Jesus, more than we could ever tell you or show you. Thank you Lord.

Whoever reads this post, please pray for this trailer park, the kids and if you are led please give a secure donation on our website at so we can further  give and give and give ALL for the glory of God. Once again, we LOVE you and we thank you and remember;

We Will Rise When He Calls Our Name,

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