Saturday, August 20, 2016

Much LOVE in Davenport

So much LOVE in Davenport today, PRAISE GOD. We were able to serve 56 PIZZA meals, give out 19 Daily Breads, lots of canned goods and non perishable items, school supplies and also literally hundreds of pounds of clothes.  Thank you Jesus! Thank you deeply for everyone who even made this possible, each one of you made a difference sowing into your city today. We were able to fellowship with kids and parents about God and His Son Jesus and really just be the hands and feet (in actions) of Christ. We can share with you all the numbers of meals, clothes, ect. but truly what matters is Loving people (OUT LOUD). We are called by God to serve others "unconditionally" not to be served "conditionally". Today this was exemplified deeply and authentically. In Proverbs 11:25 it says...A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed. We were able to witness the servants of Davenport be refreshed-To tears literally. I will share. The man in the 1st picture above his name is Paul. He is very poor, but very rich in spirit. He loves the Lord with all His heart. He handled Steve $5 in cash because he wanted to sow into our ministry to help others like him. He barely has food, clothes or shelter but he gave out of his LACK not his ABUNDANCE, this is the heart of God. When he did this, one of the servants that came to help us out just starting crying, she was blessed by his giving that she couldn't speak and just keep crying. This is pure Love friends. WE are all called to GIVE in the little or the much we have. Jesus gives to you everyday, start giving to others and show in actions the true heart of God. It was a beautiful LOVE day and we are so honor that we get to serve. Today is also our 16th wedding anniversary and we are beyond honored that God made a way that we were able to serve the poor. This truly is our happy place, serving others through the Love of Jesus. We love you Proctor Mobile Park. May God keep you and bless you -until next time friends. Whoever gets to read this post, please pray for this trailer park, the kids and if you are led please give a secure donation on our website at so we can further  give and give and give ALL for the glory of God. The picture below is what these beautiful people have to live in-one step from homeless. Please help us help them. Thank you and God Bless.
(Oh and check out our music video from today with music 
by Big Daddy Weave "My Story" on our youtube page)

Happy 16th Wedding Anniversary Steve & Trachena


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