Saturday, March 12, 2016

"Love In Lakeland"

As a ministry, we have been blessed to serve people through God's Grace for over 7 years now,
and enjoyed every hospital and prison visit that we have gone on. In addition, since relocating to Central Florida in 2013, we  have enjoyed the blessing of feeding the poor in Davenport at the trailer park, and have been overwhelmed with joy and gratitude.

BUT.....there is just something EXTRA special about street ministry and sharing the Gospel with people that are homeless and hungry for God, as we did so often when this ministry was located in Miami. Today we visited with people in Lakeland, Florida that are not only poor, but many of them are homeless and searching for something to give them hope. We pulled up outside Talbot House Ministries today and one of the people that work there, a very nice man named Brett, allowed us to park on their property and begin to preach to and bless the many people that are homeless on the streets of Lakeland. We gave out water, clothing, slides and sneakers (lovingly donated by Joel), as well as Bibles and Daily Bread Devotionals.

Most importantly, we shared the Bread of Life, The Gospel of Jesus Christ with many that were there. We had the privilege of praying with Dave, a drifter from Maine, and Megan, who is 8 months pregnant from a violent rape. We asked God to have protection over them and keep them safe, and that what the enemy meant for harm with Megan, God would turn into a blessing as she told us that a couple she met at church was going to adopt her unborn baby.

PRAISE GOD FOR HIS GOODNESS AND MERCY! It was an amazing day and we are so grateful that we have been directed to return to the ROOTS of why Surrender40 Ministries was initially founded on Christmas Eve of  2008, to "FEED THE NEED" by reaching the poor and homeless everywhere.

Rest assured, God willing, we will be returning to Lakeland soon and bringing food and more clothing, Bibles and more devotionals, as well as more LOVE & HUGS to the lost people that need Jesus.

So,please keep us in your prayers and remember that we are fully self supporting and we rely 100% on your love and financial support to allow us to spread God's Love and His Word. Please prayerfully consider a tax exempt donation that you can make securely right on this blog page.

We Will Rise When He Calls Our Name,
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