Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sweet and Beautiful

Today's outreach to Heart of Florida Medical Center can be summed up in two words..

"Sweet and Beautiful"
We are very thankful to God for the opportunity to reach out to the sick. As we walked the floors praying all are healed in the name of Jesus, we were led to walk into several rooms. Some rooms they were sleeping, others eating and still others having visits of their own. That didn't stop us. As we carried a heart bag filled with love gifts of Bibles and Devotionals we were blessed to spend some quality time with two different families that we have named Sweet and Beautiful. 
We walked into room 400 and there was Sweet which is a blessed couple down on vacation from Maryland name Westley and Carol who will be married 58 years in June. They are farmers and believers. Sometimes God leads you right to encourage other believers and that is what we did. We spend time with them going over the parables that Jesus taught about reaping and sowing since they were farmers. 
We prayed for them and handled them some love gifts. 
Please pray for Westly's release in Jesus Name... 
so they can continue on in their vacation and then head home to the farm. 
Afterwards we continued to walk around praying and laying Bibles and Devotionals in different places and there was Beautiful. WOW she had a glow all around her. Beautiful's name is Barbara who is a retired teacher after 33 years from Loughman Oaks elementary where she taught handicapped children. She recently has been hospitalized for a heart attack which is her 3rd one in the last several years and the reason she retired. We spent time with her encouraging her in the Lord and prayed with her as well, as blessed her with love gifts. You are beautiful and by His stripes your are healed was spoken over her as we walked out. Please pray that Barbara is healed from any heart conditions and she returns home.
Today was sweet and beautiful and we thank you for lifting us in prayer 
as we reached out in Love serving the sick. 
Whatever you do in life make sure you do in all in Love 
and giving honor to God our Father in Heaven. 
Happy Love weekend and remember to put on Love everyday in Jesus Name!

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