Saturday, November 21, 2015


Thank you Jesus for another amazing visit with Robin Lynn Brewer, and an overall awesome day of serving you Lord. It is an honor and a privilege serving Robin, as well as all the other inmates that we get to write to and share The Gospel with. Robin is such a miracle and a blessing in our lives. We can only thank Jesus and the finished work at Calvary for His amazing Grace and forgiveness. We love seeing the change and deep rooted growth in her life and her actions, and we love being a part of her journey through The Word of God. We firmly believe that one day soon, very soon, God will release her back as a free woman to the very society that she was removed from for the crime of taking someones life over 21 years ago.

WE believe that if The Bible were still being written today, her story would be included, just like Moses and David, who also took the lives of others. Every time we visit Robin, we are reminded of how very fragile life is and how very sacred freedom is. When we leave, we feel her sadness and see her remorse and feel her pain, yet we also see nothing but the LOVE of Jesus in her as we walk away. We believe with every fiber of our being that when Robin is free, she will be an integral part of Surrender40 Ministries for many years to come. God is LOVE, and Robin is truly a child of that love, and we are so very proud of her for being the light in a very dark place. Please continue to pray that Robin's clemency, which was filed in 2012 will be heard and granted this year, as we cannot think of anyone who deserves another shot at freedom more than her.

Thank you so much for loving Robin and supporting our ministry so that we can continue to help her and so many other women through the Love of God. Before we go, we have some assignments for you, but they are NOT from us, they are right out of The Book. The bestselling book EVER!

  • Love the UNLOVELY 
  • Visit the sick and the prisoner
  • Put others first in all things
  • Forgive your enemies and then sow into their lives
  • Let every word that comes out of your mouth be uplifting and edifying
  • Honor God with your first fruits
  • Pray for our appointed officials
Thank you again and may God richly bless you and your families.

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