Saturday, May 23, 2015

Planting The Seeds of Love

Hospital Ministry NEVER ceases to amaze us, and today was no different. We marvel at how God directs our path to the right rooms, the right people, and at just the RIGHT time. We initially went up to the 4th floor at Heart of Florida Hospital in Davenport, but could not find a single person in any bed to visit. Upon arriving at the third floor, we could feel The Holy Spirit leading us, but we never really know why. We found out very quickly what The God of ALL creation had intended for someone very special on this Saturday. As we walked into the room of a lady named Marsha, she looked at our Surrender40 Ministry shirts and when we introduced ourselves and explained that we were there to pray for her and let her know about God's Love she shook her head NO and you could feel the tension in the room. But LOVE NEVER FAILS, and we pressed on and began to speak more with her. Marsha, who quickly spotted the word "Ministry" on our shirts and the cross around my neck, simply stated that she was Jewish, and with a quick reply Steve said, "So am I". All of a sudden the gates of heaven opened the way to what turned into a "TWO HOUR" conversation, basically about The Love of God and what Jesus did for us on The Cross. Here are some of the most amazing things about this "CHANCE" meeting, that tells us how awesome God really is;

  • Marsha and Steve are both from The Bronx
  • They graduated the same high school 3 years apart (meaning they were there at the same time)
  • She has prayed and cried out to God earlier that day to relieve her of her deep loneliness
  • She had asked God to allow her to get closer to Him and get back to a deeper relationship
  • She was drawn to the LOVE flowing from Trachena and commented on her smile
  • When all was said and done, through the Love of God, we had made a new friend
This is the mission field at it's finest, and how ripe the harvest truly is. Marsha did not accept Jesus right there in that room, however, you could see the seeds take root and her face turn from a scowl to a glow of happiness by the time we left. She even asked that we pray for her health before we left. She lit up light a child on Christmas Day when Trachena offered to be there for her medical tests this week because you could feel how scared she was. And the one thing I can tell you for sure, is that when she calls, Trachena WILL be there, because she is the epitome of LOVE in action, and when she tells some body she will do something, IT IS DONE! It was such an honor to serve God today and to see God open the door to a heart that was empty and void of companionship and faith. What a wonderful day of ministry and what a blessing it is to be used in such a humbling way. 

Pray for Marsha please, that the seeds that were planted today take root and grow strong in God's Word and that she comes to that amazing grace that we are blessed to have given freely by The Lamb Of God.

We Will Rise When He Calls Our Name,

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