Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hospital Ministry-ALL Floors

Yesterday, March 21, 2015 we were blessed to be able to reach out to the sick at Florida Heart Hospital. We were given the above pass "all floors". When our ministry goes out to share the love of Christ and pray we reach out to all, we show no favoritism. I thought it was very beautiful that the hospital wrote "all floors" it was like God saying continue reaching out in love to all, I love "all floors". We were honored to serve in the hospital yesterday. We prayed with atheists, Catholics, scientists, white, black and Hispanic. We reached out in prayed with each one, shared the love of Christ and handed out The Daily Bread devotionals. It was such a blessed time. Please keep the sick in hospitals in your prayers. We appreciate you, we love you and thank you for supporting our ministries as we continue on serving others in His Love.


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