Monday, April 14, 2014


Rarely have I (Pastor Steve) deviated from our normal "God Inspired" posts about things that concern Surrender40 Ministries and illustrate the Kingdom of God and the Love of Jesus. However, I have been led by the same loving and nurturing Spirit of God to share what I can only call a tribute, and an awesome admiration/"Crazy Love" for our founder, (and yes, my wife) Trachena Marie Muchnick.

Praising and Loving God is a commandment, but SERVING God, with the most unselfish heart that a human can possibly have, is a CALLING, a GIFT, and an anointed BLESSING! Since 2008, and even long before the birth of Surrender40 Ministries, I have watched my wife put herself LAST in every area, as she unselfishly serves God through Surrender40, Pink Love Ministries, and Spinky Pets. I have watched her deprive herself of sleep, (till sunrise sometimes) and write loving and supportive letters to inmates, fill out loving thank you cards, send stamps, take phone calls, cry to God when we didn't have enough money to give. I have see her take personal items that were near and dear to her and give them to someone in need when we had NOTHING, and on and on and on! I am amazed and inspired by this Woman of God, and I would not only marry her all over again, because she is a LOVER of God and people, but I am honored to serve alongside her as a part of this AWESOME ministry.

Please know that if I had my way, I would specifically list the thousands of times that she has put EVERYONE first before herself, but you would delete this halfway through the 3rd of 124 pages! So, with that being said, I will be brief. Trachena is a humble woman, and will NEVER take credit or approve of personal recognition, (So I will hear about this post) however, God has placed it in my heart to say thank you for the hundreds (maybe thousands by now) of people whose lives she has touched and will continue to touch should Jesus tarry. This post is a call to gratitude, and I am asking for people to look inside the heart of a true servant and maybe just know in your hearts what a TRUE Proverbs 31 woman looks like up close, or at least through the eyes of social media. In closing, thank you Trachena, for showing me how to LOVE, thank you for showing me how to SERVE, and thank you for showing me how to GIVE! I have told you many times privately, now I will say it publicly;

"YOU ARE MY HERO" and thank you for LOVING so deeply and completely. I Love You.

" I Will Rise When He Calls My Name"

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Trachena Marie said...

Thank you so much for this...I don't know what to say...I love you so much!! Thank you for being such a blessed husband and also a servant of Christ.

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