Friday, October 25, 2013


If Jesus walked into your home today, and he said "Follow Me", would HE take you to a church or a strip club?

We asked this question of a very dear friend of ours recently who was apparently having trouble understanding what "The Great Commission" really means. She answered the question very innocently, as so many people do, The Church!

Really? Seriously? I asked the same question on a Facebook poll, and got a variety of answers, (I will HOLD my cynicism here) but only a few people truly understood the REAL answer.

We gave the answer in the title of the post.....YES WE DID, and the whole scripture reads like this, "FOR THE SON OF MAN CAME TO SAVE THAT WHICH WAS LOST"-Matthew 18:11.

Our point in doing this post is that very often we get comfortable in our church groups and our church buildings, listening to great Chris Tomlin songs from our worship bands that help usher in the presence of God. AWESOME........DON'T STOP assembling, for the God loves this so much! However, what we often miss, is the fact that maybe a few miles, maybe for some just a few blocks away, is a strip club, or a city street where the homeless live, or a crack house or shooting gallery. MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT BELOVED, THIS.............. IS WHERE JESUS WOULD BE, AND THIS IS WHERE HE WOULD TAKE YOU AND ME! Pray upon these things that we mention here, as this is the FULL purpose of our ministry, as we were called by God to reach that which was lost with LOVE, FOOD, CLOTHING, PRAYER and THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST.

SO beloved, when you leave your Houses of Worship, head to where the people who are are in desperate need of our Savior, the ones living in sin and rebellion, and the ones headed for eternity without God. Look at them as if they were in a BURNING BUILDING, and you were driving by, as they ARE the ones who need saving. Make yourselves uncomfortable, go to dirty places, talk to the unlovely, speak with sinners, thieves, criminals and prostitutes, and while you are doing that remember that WE (The Church) are ALL sinners saved by grace, and that we NEED to give to others what was so FREELY given to us. Always remember that Whatever we do for the LEAST of these, we do for HIM! Thank you and may God Bless you and your families.

We Will Rise When He Calls Our Name,

Pastor Steve & Trachena Muchnick
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plantingpotatoes said...

amen! There was a reason why Jesus sat down to share meals with the "bad" folks in town....he was not on earth to share food with those who thought they were okay and above everyone else......

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