Wednesday, September 18, 2013


The "FIRST" thing that we wanted to tell ALL of our family, friends, board members and followers is;

We are so blessed by God to be here, living and evangelizing in Central Florida. 
GOD IS GOOD, GOD IS LOVE, and He has a very funny way of placing you exactly where He wants you. In a million years, left on our own, Surrender40 Ministries would have NEVER picked Davenport, Florida as our new HQ. We never even HEARD of this city, let alone considered moving here. We searched ALL over the central and northeast part of this state and asked God to show us where we should go, and don't get us wrong, there were MANY places WE wanted to go.................BUT GOD.....had other ideas. We won't go into all the details of how HE showed us this was the right place, because this blog would be too long, however, when we finally were lead to the right city and the right community, guess what it was called......."PROVIDENCE", that's correct, you want signs, you got signs, and that was only ONE of many. we are, and the ministry hit the ground running by going out to visit sick patients at Heart of Florida Hospital on US Highway 27. Trachena also continues to TIRELESSLY BLESS (writing letters sometimes till all hours of the night) so many woman in prison by sowing into them one on one through her letter writing, and mailing out devotionals. In addition to asking you to pray for Robin, Nancy and Jeanine, God has BLESSED her with two new woman that He has led to her, Nicole and Deanna, so please pray for them as well. There is a great movement of The Holy Spirit that God is using Trachena for to bring into the prisons through her unselfish love and her never ending "GIFT OF GIVING".

The ministry also connected with a wonderful group of people within our community named "Providence Prays" that meet every week to invite The Holy Spirit in to claim the entire community for Jesus. We are just so blessed and grateful to God to be here.

SO....why the title "Made to Love", isn't that a tobyMac song? Yes it is, but more important than that, and after examining our lives and our purpose, my beautiful Proverbs 31 wife Trachena, has really been DIGGING DEEP into what God really wants for her, me and all of you reading this post, and that is that we are ONLY here to LOVE HIM, EACH OTHER, and MOST OF ALL...THE UNLOVELY. 
In essence, we are all "MADE TO LOVE", and anything else WE CHOOSE is just yielding to our fleshy, sinful nature. In the coming weeks, we will be asking God to lead us where He wants us to go to "FEED THE NEED" and bless the homeless and lost of Central Florida, because make no mistake about it, THAT IS WHO WE ARE! We have a burning and unrelenting desire to reach the homeless and the lost, as well as the sick and the prisoners, not to mention a few blessed "Spinky Pets" that God sends along the way. Please keep us in your prayers as we GROUND ourselves here and mobilize God's forces to reach out and spread His Word here in this area and wherever He sends us! 


Just before we moved here we had our last GLORIOUS outreach to feed the homeless in Miami as we were funded by the SHAPE Grant from the student ministry of Barbra Coleman Senior High, led by our Young Adult Leader, Xilebel Patricia Navarro, who we LOVE DEEPLY. We had the HONOR and BLESSING of feeding over 300 people and blessing many with The Gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition, we also visited Robin Lynn Brewer, who is so hopeful about her clemency hearing (still pending) that you ALL prayed into existence and can't wait for the day that God tells her, GO HOME AND PREACH MY WORD, AND TELL THEM WHAT I DID FOR YOU! By the way, we KNOW that day is coming.....SOON! So, to close a chapter on our Miami Ministry, we ended up with the following "stats", if you will, that we OWE ALL TO GOD.....and all of you who have ALWAYS been behind us;

SOCKS**3,093**............ and countless amounts of clothing, blankets, hygiene products, shoes, sneakers....................and LOVE! Thank you all to helped us be obedient to HIS calling on our lives. 

So, what is LOVE? LOVE, 

"While we were still sinners, Christ died for us" Romans 5:8

And what does LOVE look like? It looks like this............................

Thank you JESUS and God Bless you all and please remember;


Pastor Steve & Trachena Muchnick

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