Monday, July 15, 2013

Surrender40 Ministries celebrates our FINAL Miami Mission

Join us as we celebrate our "Final Miami Mission" on July 13, 2013. We were blessed to hand out 300 "Love Bags", over 150 pairs of socks and 150 devotionals as we preached The Gospel of Jesus Christ for the last time before the ministry relocates. Father, PLEASE lead us to the lost, hungry and needy over the next few years as we settle in our new city, and our new home, in Jesus mighty name, amen. The ministry team was blessed by all who came out to help, including Amy and her daughter, Destiny and so many more who blessed us with their hearts for God. 

One of the MOST special moments of the day was ministering to a woman named Debbie who is in a wheelchair, and when we arrived, she was literally spitting venom as we began to preach to her! Well, over 30 minutes later, and after spending some anointed time with our founder, Trachena, submitted to the POWER of The Holy Spirit and recommitted her life to Jesus! That makes all the effort worth every moment because THIS is why we do what we do. Once again, we would like to thank our Youth Leader, Xilebel Patricia Navarro, and the SHAPE team from Barbara Coleman Senior High School for providing the grant of $500 to make this, our FINAL MIAMI MISSION, all possible. We are grateful and very blessed by you all. 

In closing, watch the video, enjoy the music and pray for Surrender40 Ministries as God prepares us for the next mission fields He as called us to! We love the lost, and the unlovely, more and more everyday. the reason we are here, what life is REALLY all about! THIS........IS THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST!


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