Saturday, May 04, 2013


IMAGINE WITH US.....if you will, in modern day 2013, where in almost every public school in our great nation, the enemy has done his best to "REMOVE" God from ALL hallways and classrooms. Evidenced by tragic events like Columbine, Virginia Tech, and the latest tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, it is clear that the enemy has done a marvelous job at planting evil in our schools. But for those of you believers that "DON'T" know the true end of "OUR" story, let us remind you....and the enemy, that "GOD WINS" and good triumphs over evil! 
NOW IMAGINE THIS.....a non Christian, "PUBLIC" school located in Miami Lakes, Florida has just sent satan and his stooges packing throughout the hallowed walls of Barbara Goleman Senior High School, by awarding a precious and much appreciated (and always needed) $500 Shape Grant to Surrender40 Ministries in our ongoing Mission to "FEED THE NEED" here in our lost city. 
So understand what is happening here, not only are we able to plan and carry out an event once the grant award is received, that is not the ONLY miracle. The true miracle here are the students. God has triumphed in this school as represented by the fact that the student organization "Shape", whose motto is "Students Changing The World", are made up of believers in a normally hostile secular environment. Hostility from the students, NO, hostility from the teachers, PROBABLY NOT! The hostility, once again comes from organizations like the ACLU and many atheist groups that believe when you speak of God in a school or courtroom, you are violating peoples Constitutional rights, the very same rights that were written by Men of God-HELLO! Ridiculous! 
In our gratitude, Surrender40 Ministries would like to thank Barbara Goleman Senior High School, all the members of Shape, and in particular, Xilebel Patricia Navarro, one of our young adult leaders for standing tall ,"LIVING LIKE JESUS" and LIGHTING UP the hallways and classrooms in ONE of the darkest places in America, Miami, Florida. We are eternally and deeply grateful to you all. 
In addition, the entire staff of Surrender40 Ministries would like to once again congratulate Xilebel for her "BLESSED AND ANOINTED" acceptance into Emory University in Atlanta, Ga. beginning this fall. We are SO PROUD of you, and we know that you make Jesus smile. You ARE a role model for ALL young adults, everywhere! 

Thank you for your love and support and always remember,
We Will Rise When He Calls Our Name


lynnmosher said...

Only four words: Praise the Lord! Awesome!

Trachena Marie said...

Awesomely written!! AMEN

Trachena Marie said...

AMEN...awesome!! Praise God!! Thank you SHAPE :)

Trachena Marie said...

AWESOMELY said...Praise the Lord for whom ALL blessings flow!!

Surrender40 Ministries said...

Thank you so much for this ministry!

Victor said...

This is cool!

Ines said...

This is great!

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