Friday, March 08, 2013


Over the past 4 years, the ministry team of Surrender40 Ministries has been richly blessed by so many of you showing your love and support by giving so much. Some people gave generously from their abundance, some people gave generously from their lack, BUT.....all of you gave from your heart for God and your love for HIS lost and hungry people. Your generosity and loving support has enabled us to accomplish the following acts of LOVE in the name of Jesus;

TOGETHER....WE have served 7,087 meals
TOGETHER....WE have handed out 2,091 Bibles
TOGETHER....WE have given out 2.942 pairs of socks
TOGETHER....WE have given out 900 Daily Bread Devotionals
AND TOGETHER....WE have handed out hundreds of clothing items, blankets, hygiene items and gospel tracts telling people the truth about God's saving grace, especially HIS mercy and love!

For all this and so much more, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we want to tell you once again, that "God LOVES a cheerful giver" Now, family, friends and supporters, it is time for a new season, it is time to grow and serve even more people, more cities and more communities. God is calling us to grow, and whatever HE ordains, HE provides for. God has always provided the needs of HIS people through your love and support and the continued vision of our servant Board of Directors. So grow we will, and we are asking for the help of our Blogger, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter families to get the word out to help us in this NEED to grow.

We are asking God in prayer to provide the ministry with a vehicle. Someone, some family, some business or businessman or woman right now is wondering what to do with an extra vehicle and maybe thinking about trading in in for pennies on the dollar. Donating a vehicle to Surrender40 Ministries would be a tax exempt donation, as we are a 501(c)(3) organization and the entire value of the car can be claimed as a tax write-off! In addition, donating a vehicle would potentially bless thousands of people in other communities as we expand and grow. Pastor Steve & Trachena have always "stood in the gap", and covered as much of whatever extra was needed as possible, yet this vision is SO MUCH BIGGER then the two of them. It is about all of you, those who have seen the videos and pictures, and have read the testimonies of the homeless, the prisoner and the sick! Please pray about this, ask your friends and family and spread the word about the ministries vision and needs. Someone out there is ready to do this, help us find them. All that is needed is to send an email to, or call Pastor Steve at 305.934.1971.

We believe in you so much and we believe with all our hearts that God is moving in the life and future of Surrender40 Ministries. SO.....spread the word, talk to everyone and help us GROW AND SPREAD THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST ACROSS THIS ENTIRE STATE AND COUNTRY!

Thank you so much and God Bless all of you and remember;

"We Will Rise When He Calls Our Name"


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