Sunday, December 02, 2012

THE LORD SPEAKS......and Job listens!

One of the MOST intense and utterly awesome chapters in The Bible is the Book of Job. Many people compare their lives to Job as they go through trials and tribulations, and rightfully so! Here was a "RIGHTEOUS" man that God offered up to satan in what was apparently one of the greatest celestial "wagers" ever. (Don't pile on the comments, it is a metaphor, I KNOW that God does not gamble, it's ALL His anyway :-).
What really intrigues me and always has is the dialogue that takes place between God and Job beginning in Chapter 38. Well, it is not really dialogue, it is much more like this;


I can only imagine the scene if this were done by Spielberg or Lucas or C.B. Demille for you older folks, thunder, lightening and every creature, (especially Job) cowering and shaking as God begins what amounts to a 72 verse "SPANKING" of Job that begins like this in Chapter 38:1;

"Who is this that darkens my counsel with words without knowledge? "BRACE YOURSELF LIKE A MAN, I WILL QUESTION YOU, AND YOU WILL ANSWER ME"
"Where were you when I laid the earths foundations? Tell me, if you understand.
"WHO marked off it's dimensions? (Here comes one of God's greatest comments involving sarcasm)
"Who shut up the sea behind doors, when it bursts forth from the womb, when I made the clouds it garment and wrapped it in thick darkness"

This goes on for another TWO FULL chapters, and God declares ALL HIS greatness, goodness and creation in such a way that I am amazed Job's heart did not give out. I still get goosebumps as God declares the WONDERS of, well.......GOD! It is just an awesome part of the story and I would suggest to anyone that is reading this that you read and focus on these chapters (38-40:1). It is a story within a story and a wonder to behold. Most of the time in our lives God comes in a still small voice we know as The Holy Spirit. Sometimes He comes though witnesses and sometimes in signs and wonders. This.....was different and if you are able to read this and imagine what this exchange looked and sounded like you would feel the chills and Glory that I feel when I read this. If God has to remind you of who HE IS, you may be a  little off track, maybe, just a little. The moral of the story is, listen to the still small voice when it comes, and don't line yourself up for the words "Brace Yourself" Stay centered, stay fed on His Word, and keep feeding others. Thank you for reading this and be richly blessed, also knowing this about the Ministry Team of Surrender40 Ministries;

"We Will Rise When He Calls Our Name"


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