Friday, October 05, 2012


This is a very personal story that I am choosing to share with everyone, and one that I have only shared with my beautiful wife Trachena during my Christian walk. I pray that you understand that this is a very personal experience and that I choose to share this now only because God moved upon my heart to do so. I do not know WHY He would want me to, only time will tell!

I have often heard the question asked this way, "If you could be anywhere in history for a day, where would you be"? Throughout my life, my answer would have always been at the speech that Dr. Martin Luther King gave at The Tidal Pool (I Have A Dream) in Washington, DC. However, I had a life changing moment that surpassed any time in history, and one that I believe would have made a HUGE difference in anyone's life. You see, on August 19, 1982, the very day that I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, the very moment that my friend asked me to close my eyes and pray, something AMAZING happened to me that I will never forget and that I now cherish every day of my life. As I closed my eyes in that Coral Gables church, I was standing AT THE FOOT OF THE CROSS, while the Son of God was screaming in agony as the pain and suffering inflicted upon Him for my sin and yours, was being poured into His broken and bloodied body. I saw the pain, I heard Him scream, over and over again, and I shook and cried like nothing I had ever known before. Look carefully at the picture above and you will know EXACTLY what I saw!

For you see.....I WAS THERE!

I will not ever forget the sound that I heard, nor the brokenness that I felt when I saw my Savior crushed and broken for everything that I had ever done in rebellion to God. Remember, that this is the same sight that our perfect and righteous Heavenly Father TURNED HIS HEAD AWAY FROM because he cannot not look upon sin. Then, at that very moment, the transfer was made in our lives, from sin to the Righteousness of God, and our eternity was forever changed and ..........yes........I WAS THERE!

You want to hear something beautiful? You were there too! You may not have had the same moment I had, but as Jesus cried out in His last breath "IT IS FINISHED", you were there too! I pray that you share this with people and believe me when I tell you that this happened to me, because even though I saw, heard and remember it the way I do, I NEED you to remember that....YOU WERE THERE TOO! Embrace everyday because Christ died for me and you and thank Him everyday, remembering;

That while we were still sinners, Christ died for us!

I Will Rise When He Calls My Name,

Pastor Steve Muchnick
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lynnmosher said...

Such a special experience and memory. Bless you, Steve!

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