Thursday, September 06, 2012

"COME AS YOU ARE"---Inspired by Robin Brewer

How are we to approach the Throne of God? How do we come to the cross? How do we turn our lives and cares over to the very creator of the universe? These are questions that so many unsaved people have when they are pondering their lives and they have heard or seen, (supposedly through our lives) that there is a better way. People look at the fruit in our lives (Is there fruit in your life?) and they want the peace, the joy and the love that we display, however, their lives are such a mess that they are ashamed. People shudder and fear going before a God who holds creation in the palm of His hand. He won't accept me! My sins are too awful and horrendous, and He would NEVER forgive me for THAT! God may forgive you, but you really don't know me and the things I have done will NEVER be forgiven by God! Believe us when we tell you that this is how so many people think, and we are here to tell you that this is THE GREATEST LIE THAT SATAN HAS EVER TOLD YOU! 

HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST, because the Bible says in Romans 5:8 "That while we were still sinners, Christ died for us". 

So, how do you come to the cross?


Look all throughout the Gospels, The Epistles, and all throughout the Word of God, and you will see that Jesus would rather have us crawl....BROKEN AND HUMBLE... to the cross, then any other way. We do not have to clean up our act or feel too ashamed to repent, we just have to COME AS WE ARE! God will always meet us at our need, just the way we are. Tell people that God loves them and that He loves them no matter what they have done, where they have been or who they have hurt. All He wants is our contrite and repentant heart and a willingness to declare Jesus as our Lord and Savior. For that declaration, our reward is eternal life WITH our Father in Heaven and joy unspeakable for that eternity. do we come to the cross? COME AS YOU ARE! 

May God Bless you all and please share this with people you know and people you don't!

We Will Rise When he Calls Our Name,

The Ministry Team of Surrender40 

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