Sunday, June 03, 2012

Who is Robin and how can you help her?

It has certainly been a long and narrow road, and Jesus has walked with us through EVERY step we have taken! Last year, 2011, was the toughest and most challenging year of our ministry, and our lives. We will not go over every way that the enemy has tried to defeat us, all you have to do is read our posts from 2011 to know what we have experienced! Yet just like every great story from The Bible, the enemy wins tiny battles, GOD WINS EVERY WAR! The City of Miami has decided that the way to prevent the homeless problem is to not allow ministries like us to feed them on the streets, so they have passed a law forbidding it, thus effectively but temporarily crippling the homeless feeding part of Surrender40 Ministries. However, the Word of God says "Be ye NOT discouraged", and THAT is what we choose to do.

So with that being said, we are focusing on the prison ministry that we have also dedicated our lives to! Yesterday, Saturday, June 2, 2012, we had the awesome privilege of visiting our sister Robin Brewer at Homestead Correctional Facility. Robin was encouraged beyond words and shared many tears with Pastor Steve & Trachena. It was an awesome time and we continue to move forward in sponsoring the efforts to give Robin another opportunity to be free and fulfill her dream of preaching The Gospel to the world outside of prison. We have heard back from the Governors office and have been advised to go ahead with the paperwork to the Parole and Clemency Board, and we stand in faith that this awesome woman of God, who is TOTALLY anointed, transformed and redeemed will be set free by the Power of God as well as your love and support. We will begin an effort, along with your help, support and prayers to raise the necessary funds to prepare and submit the paperwork to the Florida Board, which by the way, is only $150.

We need your help and your support, as well as your prayers for Robin. You can be a part of the effort by clicking on the donate button and blessing Robin with a "Love Gift" that may help this sister in Christ that has been locked up over 18 years to be free and preach The Gospel! We so believe in Robin and her love for God , as well as her TOTAL transformation, that we have made her a part of "Our Family" forever! We pray that you will be a part of this effort in any way that you can! God Bless You in your love and your giving, and remember,

We Will Rise When He Calls Our Name,

Pastor Steve & Trachena Muchnick
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