Monday, April 23, 2012


Did you know that over 60% of the people living in this country claim to be Christians, according to a poll conducted by CBN. Take that number and consider that of that 60%, only 5-7% of Christian adults tithe, according to a poll conducted by The Barna Group in 2010!

AMAZING CONTRAST! Sad but probably very accurate. Now consider this.....out of those 60% of Americans that say they are Christians, how many of those people share their faith with the rest of America....the "unsaved" rest of America? In fact the very same group (Barna) says that only 55% of Christians feel the need to share their faith, and of that number, ONLY 2% do it on a regular basis! WOW!

So here again, my question..What does YOUR LIFE say about who Jesus is? This is not a blog to make you sad or convict you of your guilt, (if it does convict you, GREAT), rather a tool to make people think about WHO people see when they look at our life. They are supposed to see a reflection of the life of Jesus. Is that what they see when they look at you?

Other then the fact that we absolutely believe that The Bible is the infallible Word of God, where in Malachi 3:8 it says, "Will a man rob God, yet you rob me" says The Lord. You are under a curse, the whole nation of you because you are robbing me" Bring the whole tithe to the storehouse" Then God goes on to say..TEST ME IN THIS..and see if the windows of heaven do not open to provide more then you can contain" would someone not want to believe this promise. My wife and I have tithed ever since we can remember and it is a mathematical paradox that God can do SO MUCH MORE with the 90% then we could ever do with the 100%. In God's economy less is more!

Next issue...The Great Commission, not the great request....for you see we are commanded by Jesus to "Go....into all the nations and spread The Gospel. Is that what people hear when they meet us? Let me ask you a question, if you drove by a building that was on fire and you could see people hanging out of windows that you COULD save, would you NOT STOP? I doubt it, because inside most people there is a regard for human life and that adrenaline will kick in and spring us into action! So what makes it different when you meet a person that is unsaved and you KNOW they are going to hell, (an eternal fire)? Why would we not throw them the very lifeline that we have been undeservedly given, by Grace and Mercy, and make an attempt at sharing the TRUTH with them? PLEASE ASK YOURSELF THAT QUESTION TODAY!

Last issue......OUR LIVES......are reflections of Jesus, so, are we wearing our Christian T-Shirts into bars, are we placing the fish on our bumper and cursing out people in traffic or tossing garbage out the window? Are your staining your garments by secretly looking at porn or beginning a SLOW FADE by flirting with that man or woman in your office. What do people say about Jesus when they see that? Nothing good....for sure.

In conclusion...we are forgiven, not perfect, because The Bible says that we ALL have sinned and fallen short of God's glory. But remember, we are to rise above that and allow The Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us in ALL THINGS! Please take this statement into consideration today and know the truth that it states!


So, when you wake up tomorrow ask yourself this question and prepare your hearts to LIVE THE GOSPEL!


We Will Rise When He Calls Our Name,

Pastor Steve & Trachena Muchnick
Surrender40 Ministries


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