Sunday, April 24, 2011

Meet Surrender40 Ministries "NEWEST" Youth Leader-Arny Parsons

It's NOT very often that you run into 12 year old that isn't GLUED to an X-Box 360 or has his fingers going a mile a minute texting his or her friends about the latest gossip going on in school or on some UNGODLY TV show. It isn't very common to have some friends call up a young man of 12 and invite him to hunt for Easter eggs, and he responds that he is sorry, but he has committed to serving God that day. It is not an everyday occurrence to be walking down the streets of Miami and witness what is taking place in the picture above, a 12 year old young man, SOLD OUT AND ON FIRE FOR JESUS, laying hands on a homeless man and praying for his needs.


Surrender40 Ministries is honored and very pleased to announce our NEWEST "Youth Leader", Arny Parsons. Arny is the son of a very blessed woman named Maria Rodriguez, and WE are blessed that she has given our ministry her blessings to officially become a part of our Youth Ministry. Arny will be in charge of handing out the Bibles that our ministry blesses EVERY person that wants one. He will be leading a team that usually consists of Jonathon and Caesar and any other youth that volunteer when we go out to "FEED THE NEED" in downtown Miami. From the very first time that we went out on a mission with Arny, we knew that he had a very special anointing upon his life and that he HAS been called to be a "GREAT" Man of God! Arny helped us feed 220 people, and give out hundreds of Bibles and Daily Breads, as well as pass out hygiene products and clothing donated by Mary and her daughter.

We want to add this disclaimer, so that nobody gets carried away with this praise and publicity......ARNY is just a kid....and that is ALL we want him to be, HOWEVER, the Bible says "Do NOT ignore the teachings of the young", and since Trachena and I believe that we are living in end times, we understand that our young men will dream dreams, and bring MANY to Christ!

In the coming days we will be doing a live interview with Arny, so that you can know the humility and hunger that this young man has for God. You will hear for yourselves what changed his life and why he is so young and ON FIRE FOR GOD! Trachena & I would be very PROUD to call him our son, and we are so grateful to Maria for her faith and trust in the work that God has blessed us with here in Miami!

In closing, please help Surrender40 Ministries to WELCOME Arny and keep him in your prayers as the enemy tries to "Line Him Up" in his cross hairs just like he will with anyone that is a THREAT to his darkness! Stand Tall Arny, and KNOW "That NO weapon formed against you will EVER prosper! No temptation set before you will be more than you can bear and that JESUS ALWAYS gives you a way out! You are The son of a King, and you are here to SERVE, like the rest of us, like the ONE who broke through time and space to die for our sin!

P.S. Thank you Carlos Muina for your GREAT work on Saturday as well as Lavell & Mari Denard, who are ALWAYS there to do His work.

Happy Easter Everyone, and pray for Surrender40 Ministries! WE will ALWAYS NEED your help as we rely 100% on your "Love Gifts" to help us pay for the food and water and Bibles! Please click on the donate button if you are moved by what we do and know that God will bless you in abundance for your love and support for our ministry!


Pastor Steve & Trachena Muchnick
Surrender40 Ministries

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