Monday, March 28, 2011

MY (Trachena's) BFF a changed women of God "NEVER" give up on someone

My Best Friend Robin Brewer from Homestead Correctional Institution

Meet Robin from Homestead Correctional. She has been in prison going on 18 years!! This is a women of God. NEVER give up on people, with God ALL things are possible. Please pray with us and stand in faith that she is released. Lettters from Lord (Linda) brought her to me through a simple tweet asking to write an inmate or two. I volunteered. I am only allowed to see 1 inmate according the rules of FL, and God said ROBIN. Although I do write the other lady Nancy that she gave me along with every inmate that writes Pink Love Ministries, a sister organization of Surrender40 Ministries, Inc.. ITs' going over 2 years that we have been writing and us going into MAX prion to sit, eat, pray and encourage her. She is a changed women. I pray in Jesus name that she is released. And I have opened my home to her Mom , she has slept over here when she was down from Indiana. Please pray for Robin, there is allot of evil... we feel it when we go there and plead the blood of Jesus over us. I stand in faith believing one day I will do a post that Robin has received her FREEEDOM. I/we have offered her to stay in our home under the watch of the ministries if they let her out sooner to do the rest of her time. Thanks for reading, thanks for praying and know in your heart that there are some good ones in prison. I send out through Pink Love Ministries around 520 monthly devotionals to women in prison to encourage and love on them. One day I hope every women in prison gets a devotional, a word of encouragement and love, and finds Christ. Everyone deserves to know Christ and be forgiven and go to Heaven. Please pray not only for Robin but the inmates male or female that are locked up and they are being charged for something they did, but didn't, pray for the person in prison that has really changed to receive their freedom back. Pray God opens the doors for them as well as Robin. I know you will never read this Robin but this post is dedicated to you. I love you, and you will forever be in my heart. Thanks for surrendering to Christ and thanks for allowing me to share the gospel to you. Our family loves you with all our hearts.

In His Love,
Trachena Muchnick
Pink Love Ministries
"A Sister Ministry of Surrender40"

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