Wednesday, December 15, 2010


As a Pastor, I have an obligation to the inerrant Word of God to be loving, forgiving, tolerant, understanding, slow to speak and not easily angered, and about 2,000 more adjectives that I cannot fit here. As a Christian, I have an obligation to be bold in my witness, teach and preach with LOVE, so that people are DRAWN to the message of The Cross, not pushed away. As a father, I have an obligation to be as much like my Heavenly Father as possible, truthful, reverent, understanding, strong, LOVING, kind patient and tolerant, and another 2,000 Fill-in-the-blank words!

So, with that being said, where am I going with all this? This is where.....TO ALL THE SCROOGES on Facebook and Twitter and Blogger and WordPress and so on and so on, that are trying to convince the entire social networking world that Christmas is a pagan holiday and that Santa Claus was like some long lost brother of satan..........GET THEE BEHIND ME!!!! You are a group of very legalistic and pharisee like people that look so hard for something to be wrong in the middle of something that is just so right! If you had some sort of traumatic hurt and pain on Christmas morning many years ago that caused you to hate Christmas...we are all sorry and we LOVE you even more because you are hurt, but do not blame the Roman calendar or the guy in the beard at the mall taking pictures with your our kids!


December 25, April 9, August 20th.....whatever day it really was is the day we CELEBRATE.....SAY IT WITH ME NOW.....CELEBRATE the birth of The Son of God as a baby in Bethlehem. How do people that truly believe in the virgin birth, the Blood sacrifice of The Cross and the FREE gift of salvation, find themselves so lost and confused and caring so much about the actual date, or the commercialized symbols of Santa, and NOT focus on The ONLY BEGOTTEN Son of God?

OK, for all of you that are offended by this because you are SURE that the Roman calendar was done wrong and that Jesus was really born on, let's say September20th, get over yourselves and pick up a more worthwhile cross, like preaching to your UNSAVED family members and co-workers before they end up in the wrong place. So, in summary, here it is;

  • Christmas is about the BIRTH of our savior, and the very beginning of the reason that if you know Him and accept His Son as your Savior, you WILL be spending eternity with Him.

  • Easter, by the way, is the END of that Story here on Earth and the beginning of the most precious and undeserved period of Grace that the world has EVER seen!

  • Santa Claus is for kids, so is the Easter Bunny. NOBODY is posting that Barney is The Antichrist, are they?

  • Christmas Day, whatever day it REALLY is, is the day that LOVE was born! Nothing less yet so much more!

  • And last but not least, God hated the legalistic Pharisees because they were hypocrites, and had ZERO tolerance for them because they gave FALSE teachings and led people astray!

So, all of you that have made it to this point in my note, wake up on Christmas morning, pick up the plate of cookies that Santa ate, check the driveway for anything those reindeer may have left as a surprise, hug your spouses and your kids, and then drop to your knees and thank GOD that to us........A SAVIOR WAS BORN ON CHRISTMAS DAY!

Merry Christmas to ALL......and to ALL a Good Night!



Transforming Keels said...

I agree 100%!!!! People are so petty... I even heard one person say this is the last year he is going to celebrate Christmas because it is a pagan Holiday and Jesus was not even born that day...... Why take the joy out of something because you want to get so deep??? I will ALWAYS celebrate Christmas... WHY??? because Jesus said whatever you do do it in the remembrance of me... that is what it is all about!!!!!

Surrender40 said...

Amen and thank you for your blessed input. We are grateful to you for your love and support!

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