Saturday, August 28, 2010

Surrender40 "Our Story"


Surrender40 began as a voice from God speaking to our founder, Trachena on the eve of Christmas, 2008. No explanation, no real direction at that point, except that she knew that she knew that she knew that it WAS HIS voice telling her to Feed His Sheep on the mean streets of downtown Miami, Florida. Miami is among the Top 5 Un-Churched cities in America. By its very nature and reputation, a party town and a very dark, drug infested city! Obedient to His voice, Trachena, along with her husband and co-founder, Steve, began to organize what is now known as Surrender40, Inc. a nonprofit ministry that has also been blessed with the fact that we have been awarded tax-exempt status under IRS code 501(c)(3), therefore making all contributions tax deductible as allowed by law.

The ultimate dream of Surrender40 is to someday open a shelter for people coming out of prison, or who desire to get off the streets and devote their lives to the very God who created them and will NEVER stop loving them. They will be placed in a 40 day program where they will learn structure, skills, and scripture, in order to regain the self worth that God intended for us all to have since we are created by Him and for Him. They will then turn around to disciple others in the same way that they were trained up!

Surrender40 is blessed with the privilege of feeding over 200 people every two weeks as well as handing out Bibles, socks, clothing, hygiene items and BEST of all preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and homeless of Miami. We also visit inmates at the Homestead Correctional Facility as well as other prisons around the country when we are called. In addition, we have a hospital team that prays for and ministers to sick people in various Florida hospitals. Our new sister ministry, Pink Love Ministries, was created by Trachena to write devotionals to women inmates and give them the hope and faith that is in Jesus Christ.

Devotionals are written on a weekly basis and sent out to over 100 women, a large majority of them that are incarcerated for life, every two weeks. It is our heart and desire as we petition God to someday do these ministries FULL TIME, and feed the homeless every day until there is NO MORE hunger on the streets of Miami or Jesus returns for His Church, whichever comes first!

The ultimate dream of Pink Love Ministries is to eventually send a devotional out every week to EVERY female prisoner in America in order to let them know that they are LOVED and NEVER forgotten. We know that with God, this and ALL things are possible!

In closing, if you would like to know more about Surrender40 as well as Pink Love Ministries, feel free to visit our web sites, along with our Twitter and YouTube sites that are listed below, or call Trachena at 305.934.1789, or Steve at 305.934.0011 if you would like prayer or have any questions. Our email address is

You can also support either ministry by making a donation because they rely entirely on your financial support as well as the love and gifts of others. Remember that every dollar that you give becomes a blessing and provides at least 1 meal to a homeless person, and enables us to write to and visit inmates as well as the sick in our hospitals. Please pray and search your heart and then go to our web site and give generously so that the hungry are fed! To donate, go to and click the donate button, always KNOWING that God loves a cheerful giver.

Thank you and God Bless you all and remember that
We Will Rise When He Calls Our Name,

Steve & Trachena Muchnick
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