Saturday, July 24, 2010

Praise The Lord-"Love Bags" for Sale

Since the first day that our ministry began to hit the pain filled streets of Miami, we have fed people meals in what we affectionately refer to as a "LOVE BAG".

What is a Love Bag, sounds sweet but what is in a Love Bag? Thanks for asking, we knew you would ask, people do. OK, a "Love Bag" consists of a homemade (made with LOVE) sandwich, a bag of chips, a bottle of water, a tract about the love of Jesus, and....a napkin. All packaged in a see through plastic bag with a cool little red twist tie that our ministry team "Lovingly and painstakingly" puts on!

The AND is the exciting part!!! Now, once again, you CAN actually SEE what your donations and love gifts are paying for! "LOVE BAGS"


Here is how it works, real simple:

$1 will buy 1 "Love Bag" for a hungry and homeless person, and you thought a dollar couldn't buy anything-silly!

$5 will buy how many Steve?......ummmmm, 5 "Love Bags", awesome, you are gettin it, we love it!

Don't want to bore you with a long chart, it's so simple, give a gift of $20, feed 20 homeless people, bless us with a $50 love gift, that's right, YOU HAVE JUST FED 50 PEOPLE!!

You know you wanna buy some "Love Bags", come on, DO IT, DO IT!!!!

More exciting news, one of our co-founders, Steve was interviewed On-the-Air for 90.9 LifeFM radio here in Miami. The host of the morning show, Donna Jean asked Steve many questions about our ministry and as he was led by the Spirit of God, Steve led Donna into an understanding of exactly what it is we do. He explained that ALL are welcome to come and FEED THE NEED on any given Sunday. The COOLEST part of all of this is that we prayed about getting a radio interview for Surrender40 about a year ago.

GOD IS SOOOOOOO GOOD, and He does ALL things for the GOOD of those who Love Him! Romans 8:28

Please know that we rely 100% on your donations and we are in great NEED of those. Remember that $10 feeds 10 people and that will make God SO HAPPY!

Let the Lost Be Found,

The Ministry Team of Surrender40


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