Saturday, July 31, 2010


As I stood in my tiny cell at the east end of the German prison where I was doing time, I looked out the window on a very cold and snowy December morning but I really couldn’t see any snow. All I saw was 4 very solid steel bars running up and down the cold concrete square that was my window. I remember being bitter and mad at the world that I was 4,000 miles away from home and had lost my last bit of freedom due to my bondage to drugs. I had known Jesus years earlier but truly felt like He had abandoned me since I was in a pretty hopeless and lost place. I was mad at Him and His Father because I was sure that they had forgotten about me. So, there I stood, attempting to look out a window but all I saw were BARS!

Bad situation, bad place, bad attitude. No freedom, no view, just bars!

I remember feeling a burning deep in my heart, a yearning to go home to my Mother and Father and the country that I had served and loved so much. I truly felt like the prodigal, eating the slop from the pen full of pigs, and then suddenly remembered the story of the prodigal and realized ONE thing that would change EVERYTHING.

I was the one that ran away from my Father, my Father in Heaven, and that He would NEVER leave me or forsake me as His word promises. I was the one that moved away, NOT Him! I dropped to my knees and asked Him to forgive me and take me back into His loving arms again. I begged Him to set me free from internal bondage and to help me understand that “Whom the Son sets FREE, is FREE indeed” John 8:36

I remember getting up from my knees about a thousand pounds lighter and walking over to the window with tears in my eyes. Something wonderful had happened when I wasn’t looking. Something miraculous had happened while I was praying. Looking outside my window I suddenly saw snow, but not just regular snow, tons of beautiful white snow with pretty trees covered in white and in the middle of all that beauty, there was one more thing I could see that I never saw before. Rabbits, lots of rabbits and they were all playing and running around without a care in the world because the Bible says that He takes care of ALL His creation…ALL of it, especially His Children-Me + You!

So, in closing, I want to share this with you and ask you to take it to heart. It all comes down to this, on the days that I was far from God, and stuck in the pain and misery of the life I had created for myself, I saw NOTHING but BARS! Yet when I looked towards Heaven and sought the heart of Our Father, and realized how precious I really am in His sight, and that HE will NEVER leave me, ever………I saw…….RABBITS!

So, when you look out at life, what will you see today, Bars or rabbits?


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