Wednesday, June 09, 2010

What if YOU were getting Chemotherapy and THIS is where YOU lived?


Yes, literally, it is THE BIG HOUSE, in Cranston, Rhode Island. Now, imagine that you are doing time inside this or any other prison for something that God KNOWS you DID NOT DO, and then you were told you have a type of non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and needed chemotherapy. Then, imagine that most of your family ignored you because they did not believe you and you had to basically go through ALL of the treatments alone!


This is exactly what Kenneth Michael is living through, and the very reason that God moved upon the hearts of this ministry to fly up there last weekend and minister the Gospel of Love, the Gospel of Truth, the Gospel of Hope, the saving and cleansing Gospel of Jesus Christ to a man that needs to hear that he is loved and cared for by God, and yes, by you! Through your love and support, we were able to raise almost $600 to cover part of the $1200 in expenses that it cost for this ministry to visit him in prison. But more then his life was touched by God while we were there, and that is exactly HOW He works. Even the young lady at the rental car counter made a verbal commitment to return to church after the POWER of the Holy Spirit moved in her life in that airport on Friday night. So, please pray for Renee and her children, that God would move in their lives and place a hedge of love and protection around them and lead them back to a church in their area that is ALIVE and thriving. Remember, when God does one thing, HE does many!

Kenneth Michael was very BLESSED by Surrender40 and the encouragement that he heard. I imagine that it may have been a while since he was told FACE TO FACE that God loves him and that we do as well. It was a trip well worth it as he confirmed to us that he had recommitted his life to Jesus and that he was ready to face eternity with confidence knowing exactly where he will go when he draws his last breath. So, for all of you that donated, God Bless you and thank you, and for those that are touched by this post, we are still VERY short of our financial need, as we stepped out in faith and paid for this trip ourselves. Please search your heart and help support this mission, and all the future missions that are being planned even as you read this.

Remember that we rely totally on your love gifts and support to continue this work that God has BLESSED us with.

Thank you and may you be Richly Blessed.

The Ministry Team of Surrender40

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