Thursday, May 20, 2010

Surrender40 NEEDS YOUR HELP as the ministry HITS THE ROAD for the first time to minister to a VERY SICK prisoner

This is the beginning of a very special campaign to help us raise funds for the trip up north so that we can visit and minister to a very sick man in a prison up north. Being in the ministry, we are well aware that life is a precious gift that is renewed each day by God’s mercy and grace. We also know that this life is but a vapor, so short and so fragile, and when we take our last breath, the very next instant, we will stand before the God of ALL creation to receive our final judgment. For this very reason, we will leave the safety and comfort of South Florida to travel to a prison up north and minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a man that we have ministered to for years, who is now incarcerated and very sick, to ensure that his path is one of repentance and righteousness.

Kenneth Michael is currently being treated in prison with a very powerful chemotherapy agent for a non-Hodgkin’s type lymphoma. Although we stand in prayer that by His stripes, Kenneth Michael will be healed, we are also well aware that we serve a God who “Gives and takes away”. We also know that tomorrow is promised to no one, therefore, God has placed it (very strongly I might add) in our hearts for members of the ministry team of Surrender40, to fly up north and minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ in person. This is a plea for help so that we can pay for the airfare and visit there. Kenneth Michael is a middle aged man that has the heart of a saint. This is a man that you would be proud to call your Dad or your uncle.

Here’s Kenneth Michael’s Bio….……in brief,









Need I say more? This man is a wonderful human being and now he faces the possibility of an early death in his 40’s, yet he does so with courage and faith, but there is one thing that is disturbing to us. He is basically ALL alone. Unfortunately, he has been abandoned by many of the people that were close to him while he is in prison. He NEEDS to have people that love him come visit him and pray with him in person to encourage his spirit and bolster his faith.

We have NEVER asked for donations like this before, but we are NOT ashamed of the Gospel, or are we shy about what we are about to do.

We need $1500 to help fund this trip.


Some of you reading that can just write a check to cover the whole amount, others cannot, and for those people, $5-10 will be a hardship, but remember that when you give with a cheerful heart, your seed is multiplied 30-60-100 fold. Not my words, but the Words of God.

You will see us ask for many blessings in the coming days. Please tell your friends about us and help us to comfort our brother in his time of need.

Please give generously

Kenneth Michael needs your help and prayers!

Remember what Jesus said in Matthew 25:36

“I was sick, and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me”

Thank you and May God Richly Bless you in your giving!


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