Sunday, April 25, 2010


Not the most positive way to start a post, but these are the true and heartbreaking words spoken by members of the Ministry Team of Surrender40 as we pulled up to the first homeless outreach area for today’s “Feed the Need” in downtown Miami.

Let us first and foremost apologize for not posting as often as we were, and tell you that we are so excited to return to the streets of Miami to feed our homeless family. We have been on a short hiatus as one of our co-founders, my beautiful wife Trachena, is recovering from knee surgery and was still unable to join us. It was her wish and desire that we go back to our roots today and hit the streets. Trachena loves feeding the homeless and ministering the Word of God so much that she cried when we left the house today to go downtown. That is just the heart for God that my wife has, unselfish, giving and unrelenting about serving. So, off we went because as she stated, this is God’s work, and should not really stop just because of her injury. When we made the last turn onto the block that is usually our first stop on our mission, something was different, very, very different. We saw the largest mass of people under I-95 that we have ever seen. Usually at this stop we feed on an average of 50-60 people. Today, there were almost 200 that approached the vehicles that we were in, at our first stop! When we got out of our cars and prepared to feed the people that God brought to us, we looked at each other and said the same thing,


Please keep in mind that we usually show up with 220 meals, over 100 pairs of socks, and very often have clothing and blankets, as was the case today. But NOTHING could have prepared us for what we saw today. The second stop was more of the same, MUCH MORE! There had to be another 200-300 people by the American Airlines Arena just waiting and hoping that someone would provide for them, praying that maybe they would not have to go to bed hungry on this night.

So, what does all this mean to a ministry like ours? Do we turn our heads and in defeat, walk away, NO!!!! It means we have to ask God to “Turn up the Heat”. Increase our blessings so we can provide for HIS people. Grow our ministry, enlarge our borders, and take us to the next level of servant hood. Please pray for us and please search your hearts so that you can support us with your donations of money, blankets, and clothing and hygiene items. We count on you for blessings from God.

We would like to say a very special thank you to the following people that donated special items for our mission trip this week. Pam, for all the beautiful blankets and the hard work that you did to create that special labor of love for our ministry. Angie and her family for all the awesome clothing, as well as the prayers that WE KNOW you always pray. And of course, Teresa and the team at Comfort Socks, for all the socks we gave out today! Thank you all and God Bless you in your giving. In addition, all the people that donated to the financial needs of this ministry for this mission, we thank you and pray for an AWESOME harvest for you and your families.

We believe God that Greater Things are still to be done in this city! Please help us Feed the Need.


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