Saturday, January 09, 2010


If pictures are worth a thousand words, then the photo you see above could very well be priceless! WHY???

Because there are NO amount of words in the English language that can describe the desperation that we face every time the ministry team of Surrender40 travels to downtown Miami to "Feed the Need". We can point you to the videos on YouTube, we can write endless posts and show you thousands of pictures, but until you place a pair of pink flip flops into the hands of a woman that sleeps on cardboard and does NOT KNOW where her next meal will come from, then you really cannot know the JOY and LOVE that we feel every time we hit the streets to minister to God's people.

IT is indescribable; it IS The Joy of The Lord!


As the title says, it is a New Year, and we have some new partners that stood faithfully with us in 2009 as we handed out 3,812 "Love Bags", 789 Bibles, and 300 Blankets for Christmas, a TON of socks, shoes and clothing! Most of all, and best of all, God allowed us the honor of handing out HOPE & LOVE!

Even though the year changes and we all experience personal gains and losses in this tough life, we give THANKS that God has allowed us to stand in the gap for the people that America forgets, it's homeless and hungry.

So beloved friends and partners, The Mission NEVER changes, as Surrender40 begins the New Year with the same Mission Statement:

"Reaching out to the homeless, the sick and the prisoner through God's Love"

Beloved, please partner with us in 2010 and help us to grow to the point where there is not ONE hungry person left on the streets when we pack up to go home after the mission day is over! We count ENTIRELY on your donations and we NEED your help to continue with the vision of Surrender40. Watch the videos, look at the pictures, count YOUR blessings and click on the donate button to become a covenant partner with us!

YouTube Link

We Will Rise When He Calls Our Name,

The Ministry Team of Surrender40


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