Monday, December 07, 2009


Surrender40 is so privileged and excited to announce our 1st Annual Christmas Blanket Drive. This month we are dedicating all our prayers, efforts and resources to buying and/or collecting 300 blankets to hand out as Christmas gifts on the day we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The ministry team of Surrender40 will be on the streets of downtown Miami most of the day of December 25 to celebrate that blessed day with all of our homeless friends and we are asking you to please help and support our efforts.
Steve, a member of our ministry team is still unemployed at this time, but we are only telling you this to share our truth with you and to let you know that this will NOT stop us from ministering to the needy of this city. God will provide all our needs according to His great riches in Christ Jesus, because that is what HIS Word says, and HIS WORD NEVER goes out and comes back void. So, we are urging you to partner with us and help us reach our goal. Here is the breakdown of what we are believing God for from you and all of our supporters. We are going to pray and ask you to consider helping us to deliver 300 blankets to our homeless friends and in order for that to happen we need the following.

Here is a suggested guideline for your giving;

Donating $10 will pay for 1 blanket
Donating $100 will pay for 10 blankets
Donating $200 will pay for 20 blankets, ok, you get the idea by now.

So, somebody out there can step up big and buy all 300 blankets, or you can give whatever your heart leads you to give, because it ALL adds up! 
You can even send your blankets from home to the following address if you would like to do that:

PO Box 700047
Miami, Florida 33170

Please pray for us and remember that we are fully self supporting. We rely on your Love Gifts and we would not be able to do this without you.

Watch one of our YouTube Videos and know why we need your help.

Thank you so much and God Bless!!



Mishel said...

What a wonderful ministry! My donation was given in memory of my mom, Sandy Thompson.
Praying for you & those in need!
Sheli Correll

Surrender40 said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful gift. We honor your Mom today and pray that the blanket you purchased in her name will comfort and bless a homeless person on Christmas Day.

Be Richly Blessed,

The Ministry Team of Surrender40

Mike Zen said...

I just saw a Twitter post about this from @flowersophy. My family and I was homeless for about 3 years and through the grace of God we were liberated from that condition. I wish I had known about this sooner. Will there be opportunities to purchase these after the holidays? Additionally, can you enlighten me on how I can do the same for Chicago's homeless?



Surrender40 said...


Your words to us are very kind and uplifting, and obviously God has taken you and your family from the desert into the promised land. Praise His Holy Name and always know that we are here for you. Please contact me through Twitter and I will give you contact info! May you all be richly blessed.

The Ministry Team of Surrender40 Inc

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