Sunday, November 08, 2009


We may have come up with the strangest title for a post to date, but there is no shame or sorrow in the truth. Only the utmost faith in the Most High God! Praise The Lord for His Goodness!
YES, I (Steve) are jobless, because the company that I worked for downsized this past week and I was let go and am now UNEMPLOYED! With that being said, what do we do? EASY! The same as we always do, we Praise God in the Storm, (thanks Casting Crowns) and we feed the homeless. My beloved wife Trachena and I have NO fear or doubt that when God closes one door, He has a huge door ready to be opened. God's Word says that He takes care of the birds of the air, so how much more does He love His children. We have concerns, that is human, but are we afraid, NO, because God's Word NEVER goes out and comes back void. It always accomplishes what it sets out to do. Like millions of American families, we have many bills to pay, we have our share of expenses and responsibilities, but we have a GREATER calling then that.
When times are tough, when money is tight, when the darkness comes before the dawn, what are God's people supposed to do? RELY ON HIM, ALWAYS, RELY ON HIM.
This is NOT the time to worry, to say, wow, we need all that money for our bills or we should save it until I find a job. NO, this is the time to step out in faith and GIVE MORE. This is the time to TRUST God and His Word that we should FEAR NOT, for He is with us! We will continue to give, we will continue to serve, even after our common sense says save, our Godly sense says GIVE!. Are we crazy, yup, crazy in LOVE with His Word and His Truth! So, we keep on giving, until God takes us home!
What an awesome day of ministry, we served another 220 "Love Bags", handed out 47 more Bibles, as well as 124 pairs of socks, (Wow they need socks) and prayed with a few people and helped spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, as we are CALLED to do!
Lavell and Mari, along with their kids helped the ministry team of Surrender40 to FEED THE NEED in downtown Miami. Talk about unselfish acts. It was Mari's 32ND birthday, and they chose to serve God instead of themselves, WOW!
FOOTNOTE: We visited Robin again on Saturday at Homestead Correctional Facility and her Mom was down from Indiana. The family is doing well under such difficult circumstances. Please pray for Robin and the peace of God that passes ALL understanding. She has come such a long way and we are so blessed to have her in our lives!
NOW, the heartfelt cry for help!
Knowing what you now know about our lack of employment and our absolute devotion to Surrender40 and feeding the homeless, we are asking for your help. We need your financial support big time. JUST KNOW that we pay for the food and Bibles ourselves and are COMPLETELY dependant upon your goodness and love to support our ministry. WE NEED YOU NOW MORE THEN EVER AND WE WILL BE SO BLESSED BY YOUR SUPPORT.
We are counting on your donations to help us prepare for Thanksgiving week, because NO MATTER WHAT happens in the world of employment for me, WE WILL FEED THE HOMELESS, WE WILL BE THERE FOR THE PEOPLE OF MIAMI, AND AS LONG AS WE HAVE BREATH, WE WILL PRAISE THE LORD!


Anonymous said...

I just want to say that I praise the Lord for this entry. It's a blessing for one to lose their job and STILL give...standing firm on the promises and word of God....Knowing that He shall supply your every need. I pray that God blesses your ministry 100 fold...That he gives you favor where ever you go to do the work of the Lord. May God prick the hearts of others to bless this ministry and may God bless them 100 fold as well.

This message is encouraging on so many levels. Even during the time of "lack" according to the world...God is still blessing His people. God bless you in Jesus name.

Surrender40 said...

WOW, we are deeply touched and very grateful that God has used you in a way to honor us and recognize our desire and heart for His work and His will in our lives. Yes, we will go on and continue to feed the homeless and preach the Gospel because without God, we are nothing. This life is but a vapor, our crowns are in heaven! Thanks and God Bless you for your love and support.

Steve & Trachena
Surrender40, Inc

Sarah said...

So inspiring! You are truely going to be blessed for this spirit. :) We all have hard times, but God always pulls us through.

My mom and I were only about 2 weeks from being homeless a couple years ago. She's been too ill to work, and needed me at home to help take care of her. We had no money. Yet, I had hope. Sure enough, God came through. Right to the very last moment He provided, and now we own a house and are doing okay financially. God is SO good!

You will be in my prayers.

Blessings and Love,

Surrender40 said...

Thank you so much for your story of faith and triumph. God's Word says that if He takes care of even the smallest sparrow, why is it that we sould EVER doubt how much He loves and will take care of us.

Praise God for you,

Steve & Trachena

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