Sunday, October 11, 2009

Surrender40 experiences our very first "TRILOGY OF LOVE"

Praise God, Beloved Family, we have the most awesome news to report from the STREETS OF MIAMI! In case you didn't know it, GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME! Thank you Jesus for allowing us the blessings that we experienced this weekend!
The FIRST thing that we would like to do is to welcome the newest members of the ministry team of Surrender40, Lavell & Mari. These two saints also showed up with their precious son Jonathon, and 2 nephews, Joey and Cesar to help "FEED THE NEED" and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you so much to this wonderful family for unselfishly giving up their Sunday to help spread love in Miami.
But, first things first!

As stated in the title of the post, Surrender40 experienced our very first "Trilogy of Love", visiting Robin in prison on Saturday morning, preaching the gospel at Homestead Hospital on Saturday afternoon, and "Feeding the Need" in downtown Miami on Sunday!
PRAISE THE LORD for allowing us to serve His people in all 3 ministry areas in one very BLESSED weekend. It was the most fulfilling and BLESSED weekend we have known as a ministry so far. We handed out a record 101 Bibles, and served 220 more "Love Bags".
But let's take the weekend in order and recap the blessings;

Saturday Morning-Prison Ministry
Off to Homestead Correctional Institute to visit with Robin, who was so excited and happy to see us. She is grateful for the time that Trachena spends writing letters to her and even more BLESSED by the "in person" visits that God has blessed us with. Even though she has served 16 years of her sentence and has 20 more years to go, my wife has offered her love, hope and a lifelong friend that we believe was brought about by the prayers of many righteous people. Special thanks and shout out to Linda from "Letters 4 the Lord", who gave us Robin's name to begin with. You are a blessing to many and God will greatly bless the work you do. THANK YOU!
Saturday Afternoon/Evening-Hospital Ministry

Off to Homestead Hospital where we go from floor to floor as God leads us to minister to the sick. Jesus said that we should visit the people that are sick and suffering, as well as the prisoner, so we are faithful to His Word! We were privileged to be able to meet and pray for two women that were each very different in their own way. The first had her Bible open on her food table, and praise God when I tell you that this Bible was probably older then most of you that are reading this post. She was so happy we were there and blessed us as much as we blessed her. The second lady was more of an intense visit. She is an active cocaine addict that almost blew out her heart smoking crack. When we started to preach to her she broke down and cried, and it appeared that she felt she had lost ALL hope. By the time we had finished she had recommitted her life back to Jesus and I believe that she will reach out to us when she gets out. Praise the Lord!

Sunday-Homeless Ministry

This day belonged to the homeless of Miami, as adults, (Trachena, Steve, Lavell and Mari) and kids (Sara, Jonathon, Joey and Cesar) fed, preached and handed out Bibles to hundreds of people. The kids were in awe as we parked 1 block from the AAA Arena where the Miami Heat were getting ready to play the San Antonio Spurs, and here, just 1,000 yards from the arena, we are feeding homeless people and handing out The Word! SIDE NOTE: The Spurs team bus drove right by us as we were blessing people down the block. Grab your Bible and help us out Tony Parker, you will be BLESSED!

All in all, we cannot tell you what an awesome site it is to see young people in the middle of the street, a busy dirty nasty street, preaching the Gospel and offering LOVE to all who would take it. Just look closely at some of the pictures above.

OK, it's time for you, our family and friends, to step it up and become an active part of our team. PLEASE KNOW that we rely 100% on donations of clothing, socks, and money to keep this ministry going. We are calling on all friends now to stand up and make some noise for the people of Miami, in prisons, hospitals and the homeless. We NEED your help, just $5 will feed 5 people, $100 will feed 100 people, you guys get the idea. Give like someones life depends upon it, because, it does!

We love you and thank you so much and we will use your gifts to glorify God!

In His Love,

The Ministry Team of Surrender40

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