Sunday, October 25, 2009


Praise God for another BLESSED and ANOINTED day on the streets of Miami. The ministry team of Surrender40 was once again accompanied by Lavell & Mari and their young team of future pastors as we served 220 "Love Bags"to homeless and hungry people and handed out 60 more Bibles, and 84 pairs of BRAND NEW SOCKS! What an awesome blessing it is to watch young people serve God's people and give up their Sunday to preach the Gospel to the lost and hurting people of Miami. So, what was the word for the day, and how can we explain this to our readers. It's simple, and yes, it's in the title of the post....SOCKS!!
Yes, that is correct, socks. Think about this beloved, every day, you and I come home from work or school and we take off our dirty clothes, socks and underwear, and throw them in the dirty laundry and a saint, (in this case my beloved wife Trachena) washes, folds and gives them right back. OK, great, but it doesn't work that way on the streets! They NEVER get a chance to change their socks because there is NO WAY to wash them. What does that mean? It means that they either do not have socks or they are filthy. Imagine the joy in the very simple act of handing a brand new pair of clean white socks to someone who has NOTHING on their feet in some cases. It is pure joy, and once again we would like to personally thank the ministry team of Mr & Mrs Sanders, who on a regular basis BLESS Surrender40 with a fresh shipment of brand new socks! What a joy your gifts have brought to the people of Miami!!! Thank you so much friends and partners.
WHAT ABOUT YOU? Do you have socks that you can spare, good socks, not the ones that the dog plays with, the new ones. Please consider going through your drawers and rounding up socks and sending them to us at the following address.
PO Box 700047
Miami, Florida 33170
Robin is doing great as we visited her again on Saturday 10-24-09 and twice last weekend at Homestead Correctional Institute. We had lunch, we laughed, we cried, we prayed and we talked about how GREAT IS OUR GOD! What an awesome time we had. Please keep Robin in your prayers at night and continue to pray for our ministry as we are 100% self supported and we NEED your love and donations to keep going into the places that everyone else tries to get out of!
Thanks and God Bless,


Rothstein Jewelers of Beverly Hills said...

I still have more white Hanes-type socks from @HardlyNormal and @DanCho for the homeless people in Los Angeles. I will send them to you. Thank you for alerting me to your need for them , my twitter-friend.
@RothsteinJewlry (Janet)

Surrender40 said...

Thanks so much & God Bless you for your giving hearts!!

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