Sunday, September 27, 2009


Praise the Lord!!!

We are very happy to announce our very first trip to a Florida prison (Saturday, September 26, 2009) to visit with an inmate was not only a huge success, but a TOTAL blessing. We wish we could provide pictures for this post, however, the Florida Department of Corrections will not allow that, and we would protect this young lady's privacy anyway. With that being said, what we can tell you is that God is working in the lives of all the members of Surrender40, as well as in the life of this BLESSED young lady that we ministered to.

As a ministry, we have been writing to prisoners all over the country since June, but this was our very first opportunbity to visit with someone in person. So, lets give you some background of the young lady that we visited. Her name is Robin and she was born in 1963, and has been in prison for 16 years! That is a long time until you realize that she has 20 years left on her 36 year sentence. My beloved wife Trachena and her have developed such a warm and loving relationship in the past few months that it was moved on my wife's heart to visit her in prison. One look into Robin's eyes and you can be sure that God's Holy Spirit dwells within her. She has had a total transformation while locked up and has completely given her life to the Lord. Robin has completed over 300 Bible Studies in the 16 years that she has done and she is currently teaching Spanish women English as a second language. She is well respected in the dorm, as well as by the administration. Not only was Robin a glowing example of God's Mercy and Grace, but she was a living testimony for our 13 year old daughter Sara, who attended the visit with us. There could be no better witness to a teenager then to meet with someone who has committed a violant crime, is paying their debt to society, BUT is debt free in the eyes of our Father in Heaven because she has accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. The ministry team of Surrender40 was deeply touched by the love and joy displayed by Robin in the time that we were there. So much so, in fact, that we cannot wait to go back because we were all so blessed. What an awesome day it was, and we thank you for your love and prayers.

We pray that through your support and prayers, we will be able to continue not only our homeless feeding ministry, but that our Prison Ministry will flourish and grow. Please remember that we rely TOTALLY upon your love, prayers and financial support to survive, grow and minister to the homeless, the lost, the sick and the prisoner.

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sumpter veterans said...

praise god for your visit with Robin.....

Surrender40 said...

Thank you so much for your very loving and caring comment. Robin is doing well and is in our prayers daily. God Bless You for your support.


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