Sunday, August 02, 2009

First Sunday for Surrender40

Happy Sunday!! Blessing in the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Today was a beautiful day for the team of Surrender40. It was our "first" Sunday reaching out to the homeless of downtown Miami, FL. We normally reach out to them on Saturday's, so it was such a blessing to share a sunny Sunday with them. We served 220 "Love Bags" and gave out 42 Bibles., Praise The Lord! This now brings us to 2,187 "Love Bags" served and 337 Bibles!! WOW, we couldn't of done anything of this first without the favor of the Lord and second to all the special partners of Surrender40. We love you!

It was a very sunny day. Steve reached out to pray with many as Sara passed out Bibles. The photos explain it all. I personally prayed with a women who is living on the streets with her kids. She was broken in spirit. Her heart was in so much pain. She even came back for more food. There were hundreds upon hundreds today, laying under trees, under bridges just trying to survive the heat. The hunger pains were seen on many faces. We have never seen so many as we did today. I pray that you would see the faces in the photos as they are real people, real lives that right now as you read living on the streets of downtown Miami. We can't do this without your prayers and support so please consider helping us with what you can so we can help them.

We are in need of clothes, shoes, blankets, spanish Bibles and money to buy the food we supply. Please pray and ask God to lead you into what you can do to help.

We love the Homeless of Miami!!

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