Monday, August 17, 2009

Do you guys have any clothes?

This week was very different for the ministry team of Surrender40. Yes, we were able to bless many people with food as we handed out another 220 “Love Bags” and 25 more Bibles, but something was different. The title of this post alludes to the very thing that I am trying to say. There are greater needs then you may think. Needs almost as great as food for the homeless, and handing out the Word of God, needs such as clothing, shoes, blankets, towels and even SOCKS. Just more things that almost every American takes for granted, just more of the basic needs that we do not even give a second thought to.

So, tomorrow, when you get up and prepare yourself for work or school, look inside your closet at the many shirts and pants, blouses and skirts, dresses and sweaters that you haven’t worn in months, maybe years! Then think about the hundreds of homeless people in downtown Miami, or downtown “Your City”. Think about the ministry team of Surrender40 handing out food and Bibles and having people look us right in the eyes, with that sad yet urgent look, saying things like, “DO YOU HAVE ANY CLOTHES, EVEN A SHIRT OR SOCKS? DO YOU HAVE ANY SHOES? DO YOU HAVE A BLANKET?
Thanks to a few close ministry friends and partners, we had some clothing, BUT WE NEED SO MUCH MORE BELOVED, WE REALLY DO!

There is a greater need than you may think. But WE stand in faith, hearing the words of Chris Tomlin singing in our souls; “Greater things are yet to come; greater things are still to be done in this city”

Partners, friends, and family of Surrender40, this week and for the next few months we are going to urge you to do something different. We very often ask for donations of money to help fund our ministry because we pay for everything ourselves and rely totally on your love gifts and support. Starting today, we are asking that you go in your closets, go through everything you own, and search your heart to see if that shirt you may never wear again would not make the day, (and night) of a homeless person in Miami. Maybe those shoes that you just don’t want, or are a bit too small, can be sent to Surrender40 to be placed on the feet of someone that God loves just the same way He Loves you! Maybe that sweater or sweatshirt that has been replaced by the new favorite one you bought last week can be placed in a box and sent to Miami for us to BLESS someone with. It’s easy, we will make it easy! We will not only post our address, but we promise to take pictures, like the ones above, of people being BLESSED by receiving your old unwanted clothes. Please pray about doing this, but not only for us, but for the very God that created you and us. Please Him today with a very loving act of kindness and generosity. Go in those closets, and PACK IT UP, SHIP IT OUT AND BLESS SOMEONE TODAY, PLEASE, YOU WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!!

Send any and all clothing, shoes, socks, sneakers, slippers, flip-flops, and whatever else you can think of to us at the following address;

Shipping USPS:
PO BOX 700047
Miami, Florida 33170

Shipping UPS or FEDEX:
12513 SW 224th St
Miami, FL 33170

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