Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This is the story of three American heroes. Brave men and woman that have helped change history with their “Overcoming Personalities” and their “Never Quit” attitudes. Read these stories carefully and dream the dreams they have, dreams that we all dream, then be prepared as your spirit learns to face the realities of America today!

1. Daniel McBride—Daniel was born in the middle of Watts, the breeding ground for gang violence between the warring groups of Los Angeles. Overcoming all odds, he graduated from the class of 2004 with a degree in Bio-Engineering from Harvard Medical School. Shortly after joining Dow Chemical in 2005, he pioneered research in the field of genome authenticity and subsequently developed a cure for a deadly disease that has killed tens of thousands in the last 20 years, Asystomeglia. His research and work, as well as his vaccine will eradicate this disease within 5 years time. He is a candidate for the Nobel Peace prize award in 2011, and will be inducted into the “Young Heroes of Medicine Society” during an awards ceremony at The White House next Wednesday. Daniel is 28 years old, and is married with 2 children.

2. Regina Pearson--- Regina is the first black Olympian to win more than 9 gold medals in the “Special Olympics”. Born without a right arm, she overcame her disability at a very young age and began coaching special education students while she was still in high school, even before her first Olympic trial. Her autobiography, “I Can’t-God Can” has been read by millions of American teenagers with disabilities and has helped thousand of disabled kids to achieve their dreams of becoming athletes and Olympic competitors. She will also be honored at a ceremony in Washington on September 14, 2009. Regina is 24 years old single mother, and has a daughter that just turned 3 last week.

3. David Cooper---David has no educational or athletic “Claim to Fame”. He is an ordinary citizen that was driving home from work in Dayton, Ohio on June 12, 2009, when he came upon an overturned vehicle that was burning out of control. As he began to pull off to the side, he was quick to see the faces of the children screaming from inside the semi-crushed car, and he jumped out of his Chevy pickup to grab his tire iron from his vehicle. Without hesitation, he smashed the rear window of the burning SUV and pulled all three children, as well as their unconscious father to safety. In doing so, David received third degree burns on over 45% of his body and will most likely need years of skin grafting to ever appear “normal” again. In recognition of his bravery and heroism, David will be honored at The White House and given an award personally presented to him by President Obama on August 24, 2009. David is 19 years old, and is engaged to be married.

Amazing stories! Stories of heroism, courage, overcoming, bravery and brilliance.
These are people that we would all be proud to call our sons and daughters, right? Well, maybe not all of us, maybe not today, maybe not EVER!

You see, because of a 1974 Supreme Court decision to LEGALIZE the slaughter of innocent babies (Roe v Wade) and place the words “Pro Choice” into the vocabulary of Americans everywhere, these three “HEROES” were never born. They do not live or breathe, nor do they have the opportunity to worship the very God that created them.


Because their mothers went to some clinic, some “death chamber” disguised as a Planned Parenthood Center, or neighborhood health clinic, after receiving a great deal of unspiritual, UNGODLY advice, and ended their illustrious and heroic lives before they ever had a chance to become who God wanted them to be and what America may have needed to make a difference. How many Billy Graham’s? How many Rosa Parks? How many Dr. King’s? How many Mother Theresa’s? How many, how long, HOW COME?

Every day in this country, 4,000 babies are killed, living, “hearts that are beating type” babies. Which part of The Ten Commandments do we eliminate next? Do we allow stealing, should we just build more idols? Which one? The one that says “Thou Shalt Not Kill” was not clear right? The irony of the stories above is that the very man that would have presented the awards in the very place we pay our political machine to empower the people, is the BIGGEST proponent of abortion that this nation has ever seen. This country is heading for The Wrath of God, so, let’s not pray in schools, then mourn, and cry out to God after the Columbine’s and Virginia Techs. Let’s allow all genders to marry, men marrying men, women marrying women, and then cry out to God when radical terrorists invade our land and kill over 3,000 people using our own commercial aircraft.

How can we have hope for the future, when we kill the HEROES OF TOMORROW?
Now, if you have ever had, or participated in an abortion, God will forgive you when you ask for His Mercy & Grace. If you know someone who has had one, or is in the middle of making that decision, please send this post to them, and as many people as you can, and ask them to pray for wisdom and seek God’s Will in their lives, and then to pray for the heart of our President to radically change and turn his face towards the very God that created him.

Please join us in prayer for the healing of this nation before it’s too late!




chondrazz said...

20,000 acres and burned towards homes from Pasadena to the San Fernando Valley

This reminded me of you and all your efforts to help people! After I read this article I really stopped and thanked our Father for what I DO have... I just wanted to thank you for all you have done in GODS Name!
Best Regards, Chondra

Surrender40 said...

Thanks so much for your kind words! May God richly bless you! Please keep us in your prayers.

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