Saturday, June 20, 2009

Any Possibility This Could Happen To You? The Story of Juan & Nellie

Meet Juan & Nellie of Miami! An average American couple, Juan is from Texas, and Nellie is originally from Guatemala. They stand here arm in arm, looking into the lens of my cell phone camera, and from all appearances, it seems that they are very much in love and enjoying another rather warm Saturday in Miami, Florida.
DO NOT let this picture deceive you, as I ask you to look deep into Juan's eyes (PLEASE CLICK ON PICTURE) to see the depth of his pain and concern for his wife. Why is Juan hurting, why does he look as if the weight of the world in on his shoulders? Because the very piece of sidewalk that Juan & Nellie are standing on is about 10 feet away from where they will spread out 2 pieces of cardboard tonight and lay down to go to sleep. Juan & Nellie are homeless and living ON the streets of downtown Miami. This street IS their HOME!

To quote a song by Casting Crowns that applies very much to the story I am about to unfold;

"It hasn't always been this way, I remember brighter days, before the dark ones came, stole my mind, locked my soul in chains"

Two months ago, Juan had a job moving furniture, working 6 days a week to make ends meet and support Nellie, who was pregnant with their 1st child. They lived in a 1 room apartment in Miami, and they loved the Lord with all their hearts. Much like the story of Job, Juan lost his job one day, they fell behind in their rent, and were evicted from their apartment. Instantly, with no family or friends to call on that could help them, they found themselves homeless and hungry living one block from the American Airline Arena in downtown Miami. They live among the street people of Miami, where large rats run wild near where their makeshift beds all night, and people that do NOT have God in their hearts and lives, pray on others to steal anything that they can get their hands on. Can life get any worse for two people that cry out to God for help?


Three weeks ago, someone blessed Juan with some money to get a place to stay for himself and his wife who was 3 months pregnant. Satan saw that too, and being that his job is to steal, kill and destroy, he sent someone to smash Juan over the head, steal all his money, and split his scalp open, sending him to the local hospital where his wound required many stitches to close. When he got out of the ER, they went back to the streets, and due to the stress of all these things, Nellie began to hemmorage until she lost her baby. Juan describes his fear and devastation as he watched his 3 month old fetus, which by the way he said was a boy, lay in the gutter of Miami. He was so terrified that he panicked and was questioned by the ambulance driver as to why this scene was taking place. Heartbreaking! Gut wrenching and devastating!

This is one of the many stories that Trachena & I hear every time we go to feed the homeless and minister to the lost. THESE ARE the people that Jesus loves, THESE ARE the people that we need to minister to!

This is why we ask for your help, this is why we do what we do! God has sent us, honored us, blessed us with the challenge of "LOVING THE UNLOVELY", and "Feeding the Need". This is why you must help us, so that we can reach so many more that need your help, that need your love and prayers.


Juan & Nellie LOVE JESUS, and Juan stands in faith as the Christhead of his "HOME" (remember where that is) that the scripture in Jeremiah 29:11 will come to pass in their lives;

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

We pray that this post touched your heart, and we also pray that when you look into the face of Juan, you will see a great need to help and support this ministry, because we rely totally on your support and love and prayers.
This week we gave out 220 more "Love Bags" and 71 Bibles.
Please donate as we prepare for our next mission on Saturday, July 4, because Homelessness DOES NOT TAKE A HOLIDAY, so neither will the ministry team of Surrender40! May God Bless you in your daily walk and fill your heart with urgency and love for this ministry!

We Will Rise When He Calls Our Name
Steve & Trachena Muchnick



AmyK said...

This could be any of us . . . we are all just a moment away from being homeless, some of us may feel more "secure" than others, but truly it would only take one natural disaster or job lay-off or medical emergency to bring us to our knees. I am so thankful to be able to support this ministry in the small way that I can. Just a couple of months ago we sold my wedding band to buy groceries. . .just a couple of months ago our house was nearing foreclosure, a "for sale" sign in the yard . . .I do not understand why some people are saved the anguish and devastation that others must experience, but I do know that I am thankful for the gift of having food and a home today. It hurts to think of those who are suffering so much and experiencing this devastation that you are seeing on the streets of Miami. Praise God for instilling the giving hearts in you that He has. Bless you Trachena and Steve!

Surrender40 said...


Very beautiful and touching words. Just proves what we said in this post. God is a respector of No One, and there is no one that this can't happen to. The moral of the story is that we serve a God who gives and takes away, and we praise Him in all Storms!

Steve & Trachena Muchnick

lynnmosher said...

This so breaks my heart. The dreaded "f" word...foreclosure...has knocked at our door many times and the Lord has provided a way for us to stay in our home each time. I pray the Lord will bless you and them with a windfall of finances. Blessings... said...

I love this post God is blessing you with a Big job to do I am praying for you and all the people that your blog post is touching God bless you

Surrender40 said...

Thank you so much Lynn Mosher, and Pastor Shockley. Your words are a true blessing to us and we appreciate the love & support.

Steve & Trachena

Nicole Cleveland said...

I ditto Amy's words. This could be me, this could be you. After I saw the post on twitter I knew the story would tear at my heart.God bless the "GodWork" your family is doing. I know our father is pleased. We strive daily to be like him...and u r an example of his unconditional love.

Love you both to life ..


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