Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Surrender40 Selected as "Wednesday's Heroes" 5-20-09-What an Honor and a Privilege this is!

The ministry team of Surrender40, ordered and directed by God to "FEED THE NEED" is so humbled and honored to be selected as the very first "Wednesday's Heroes" in the online publication: "BREATHE AGAIN MAGAZINE"

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We would personally like to express our gratitude to Nicole Cleveland, Chief Editor and Founder of Breathe Again Magazine, for selecting Surrender40 in recognition of the work that we do. We would like to tell you that although this is pleasing to the flesh, pretty for the ego, and very gratifying as human beings, we have the greatest desire to give ALL THE GLORY where it belongs, to God, our Father in Heaven. We serve a great and mighty God who has given us the honor and privilege of feeding His sheep. We are so blessed that His anointing falls upon our lives and through vision of Trachena, we are directed to SERVE! That is the ONLY reason we are here, to SERVE. Jesus came to save, yet he remains THE most humble servant in the history of the world. This is what we seek. Thank you again for the honor, and now we humbly ask that people help our cause. You can click on the donate button to support God's work. Thank you and God Bless You all!

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Anonymous said...

I admire your determination and big heart. I too, donate every month to feed, educate and give water to children in underdeveloped countries and disadvantaged communities throughout the world. I'd love to invite you to explore a possibility for you to receive ongoing donations for your cause... Twitter @Abundance4Me. Please send DM.

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