Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My blessed Steve Muchnick

I love you Lord!

My husband; Steve Muchnick getting ready to serve the needs of the homeless in downtown Miami on this past Saturday, May 9, 2009. He is such a blessing to this Ministry and without him it would not exist. I am honored to stand by him as he preaches the Word of God and pours out love to what the world looks down on. Thank you Steve for your love for Christ and being a man who is respected at the City Gate. I am honored to be your wife and I love you deeply. May God continue to you fill you with His love and may you always walk in the ways of Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.



Surrender40 said...


Thank you for your wonderful words and your encouragement. It is an absolute BLESSING and a lifelong honor to be your husband, best friend, and ministry partner. God will lift up this ministry on wings like eagles and your heart and your life are storing up MANY crowns in Heaven. I love you always and love serving with you!

Love you deeply,


dr_uw said...

I just cry thinking how Christ's body is moving to fulfill scripture, keep being used by his power to make a difference in this world.

Surrender40 said...

Thank you dr_uw, we rejoice in the fact that your heart has been touched by our work for Him! To God Be the GLORY!!

Surrender40 Ministry Team

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