Monday, April 27, 2009


It's so simple.......the homeless are hungry, so feed them, they are cold, give them a blanket, they need Love, share the Word of God. Why are we not seeing, not hearing, not yearning to reach out to the Homeless? How can we be so blessed in abundance and yet we don't extend our arms to give? Have you not seen? I have firsthand...this past Saturday and many other Saturdays too. This Saturday was a bit different for me. We drove around the streets of downtown Miami, looking for our Homeless friends of the City. We found our friend Joseph under a bridge, gave him a "love bag" of food and prayed with him. His heart was so happy to see us again. I love Joseph. As we moved on to another street, there were hundreds of people homeless. We pulled up and fed them. We ran out of food within minutes. We only had 225 "love bags" of food. I passed bags out as fast as I could and it wasn't fast enough. I kept hearing, miss can I have one? Please, I need one for my wife, please don't forget me. And when the last "love bag" was given out I was overwhelmed with sorrow. More came asking do we have anything else? Anything? And it pain me to say "no" sorry we gave out our last.

I wish I had enough to feed everyone of them, but there were so many, too many to count. They hurlded around me and I was lost in the crowd. I was shaking when we left, because I was overwhelmed with hundreds of hands looking for food. I am broken inside over the condition of my City. With God's help I am reaching for His hand to help me do more. How does something so simple turn into such a great need? Why doesn't people care for the Homeless? Why? As we drove away and waited at the light to get back on I-95 to head back home, a man stood there asking for food, we had nothing to give, so my dear husband reached in his wallet and gave him his money. What else could we do?

Our City is in great need of help. We are one of the poorest Cities in the USA. Look down the streets of your City, the Homeless are there too. Reach out to them. They are hurting. They are hungry. Please don't turn your backs on them. They need us. Don't give up on them. Give them hope, a simile, a hug, sit and talk with them, and most importantly tell them that God loves them. We are all they have, pray for them...speak into their lives HOPE. Look into their eyes the windows of their soul and show them you love them. Love is the simple yet lost solution to restoration. Furthermore, the next time you see a Homeless person in your City, extend your hand to them. Keep it Simple, give and keep giving. "Call your love to action for them" I LOVE THE HOMELESS DEEPLY....... I pray God will allow me to serve them yet again all for His glory. Share/Bookmark

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Hetty4Christ said...

We are to reach out and help all! No matter what they are wearing...look like...smell like...imagine in 30 days if that is us? Wouldn't we want a hand? So many don't know where to go for any means of help...and don't have family that will..we are all family-and are here to help. I applaud the heart Jesus has given you...I know mine is there in other areas right day..perhaps I can jump in with my friend who also does this. Just amazing!! I'll take my tiiny issues over that any day...we are to serve Him...which are all His people. God bless you all for such amazing hearts! I love you both...would love to meet you two one day!

In His Grip,


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