Monday, April 27, 2009

Sara with Homeless "Love Bags"

Sara with all the "Love Bags" on our way this past Saturday 4/25/09 to feed the Homeless of downtown Miami. We fed 225.

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Al Boyce said...

We have been serving the homeless around Raleigh, NC, for nearly seven years. I bring food and prayer to their camps every Sunday, my wife and I both visit them in hospitals, in jail, let them use our phones to call loved ones. Some stay in our home as they get on their feet or get ready for drug rehab. It really is a wonderful way to get to know God's heart!

God bless you guys!
Al Boyce

Surrender40 said...

It is apparent that you and your wife share our passion for the lost, homeless and hungry. This all began from Trachena's vision and she has ALWAYS had a burning passion for His people. It is an honor to meet someone that displays their fruit so radiantly! Thank you and may He Bless you and your family with double portions!

In His Love,
Steve & Trachena Muchnick

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