Monday, April 27, 2009


Strange title for a post, I know, but these are the words that cry out from the heart of me and my wife Trachena, as we look back on another suceessful weekend of feeding the homeless and lost of Miami. On Saturday, April 25, 2009, Surrender40 fed 225 more people, bringing our total of meals served to 567! Praise God for that number, Praise God for the vision and strength of my wife as she toiled for over 5 hours to prepare for this last trip. Thank you Jesus for leading us to so many people that are lost and hungry. So, with that being said, why the title of the blog? Why is it not enough? Please use your imagination and ask God to help you understand this next paragraph or so, and then allow the Holy Spirit to lead you in your response!

Imaging driving up to a street in downtown Miami with a car full of 225 carefully prepared "Love Bags", and watching as over 200 people approach you (very rapidly, I might add) with pure desperation and panic in their eyes. Not only are they hungry, but they are afraid. They are afraid that the food will run out before their turn comes. They are afraid that the red SUV that carries the Surrender40 team will drive away without them blessing them with a sandwich, a drink, a word of encouragement from the prayer team. And then the worst possible thing happens, we run out of food, and the people run out of hope for that moment. Horrible feeling, and it just is NOT ENOUGH!

Beloved, Jesus said "The poor will always be with you", but nowhere in scripture did HE say to let them remain hungry. It is our responsibility to reach out to our community and feed the homeless. There is pain in their eyes! There is need and hurt in their eyes, we see it first hand every time we go. Look at the picture we included, look deep into their eyes and know that "There but for grace of God, go all of us".

WE NEED your help, because we cannot do this alone. We NEED financial support, we need donations, we need someone to step out in faith and help this ministry with a financial gift that God WILL bless you for giving. Please pray about helping our ministry and know that any gift, $1.00, $10.00, $1000 dollars will bless so many people and help to keep Surrender40 going. There is someone out there that is reading this that believes in your heart that these ARE PEOPLE, and they need our help. Please give so that people in our city can eat at least one more meal. On behalf of Trachena, and the ministry of Surrender40, we thank you for your prayers and support! May God Bless You and your families ALWAYS!

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Jason Mitchener said...

Praying for your ministry.

Surrender40 said...

As Always, thank you Jason for your thoughts and prayers!

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