Sunday, March 29, 2009


Surrender40 conducted their very first Homeless Feeding Ministry on the streets of downtown Miami on Saturday, March 28, 2009. What an anointed time it was. It took over 3 1/2 hours of tedious and "Love Filled" preparation for my wife Trachena and our daughter to prepare 200 "LOVE BAGS". Each bag was filled with 2 sandwiches, 2 chips, 2 gatorades, and 2 tracts...containing our ministry info and the inerrent and undeniable Word of God! For many years now, Trachena has had a vision of feeding the homeless, and you should have been there to see the tears of joy that formed in the eyes of my wife as she handed out blessing after blessing to the homeless on the mean and lonely streets of downtown Miami. In sharp contrast to what we were doing that day, there was a music festival going on nearby, and it was a clear picture of the world that we live in as thousands of people only interested in feeding their flesh with loud, unGodly music walked by the hungry people of Miami! This is very much a lost city and a lost world. Praise God that my wife has been blessed with the vision, and the heart to give of herself, unselfishly to minister to God's people, the sinners and the lost! As we drove around the city, it was apparent that word spread that a red SUV was giving out food, because by the time we drove around the neighborhood for the 7th or 8th time, people were running up to the car and asking for food. Wow, 200 sandwiches may take long to make, but they go REALLY fast, praise God for that. Very typical of my wife's heart after God, when we were finished, she turned to me in a most humble, yet sad voice and said, "I wish I could do this everyday, all day". I am so proud that God is using her to make a difference, even a small one, in our lost city. Everytime we came to a group of people that were laying in cardboard, or on the ground, she would "Hop" out of the car and run to bless them. It was just an awesome sight, and it deeply touched my heart. I know, that I know, that I know that God was so pleased with Trachena and my family that day! When all was said and done, all I could think of was the silly Master Card commercials, and I told my wife that it would sound like this,

Buying and preparing 200 sandwiches = $150
Buying and preparing 200 Gatorades & Chips = $50


Please know that all of the money for these missions comes from our own pockets, as we stand in faith while God Blesses the homeless. If God moves upon your heart to donate, and help to fund this Miami based homeless & feeding ministry, please contact us at, and know that God will bless you for your giving!

Thank you Jesus for your love and Blessings upon our ministry!



Jason Mitchener said...

This is wonderful! I'm praying for you.

Hetty4Christ said...

AMEN!!Such an amazing feeling!! Even the smallest of things...but that has to be amazing when it is so personal! I give thanks to Jesus for having connected us..what an inspiration! I will share this with my hubby!! :) We never know our paths...but know our hearts are there!
Love you both so much!
In His Grip,


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