Saturday, February 21, 2009


I wanted to take this opportunity to let everyone know what a tremendous influence and source of encouragement that Beth Moore has been for us. Trachena and I have completed some of Beth's very intense and very in depth studies and we can both be confidently say that she is probably one of the most anointed and gifted Bible teachers alive today. Please know that we do not work for, nor are we compensated by Living Proof Ministries, however, we have been RICHLY BLESSED, as well as spiritually enriched by everything that Beth has taught us. We highly recommend that all of God's people go to Beth's website and download, or purchase a Bible study. Please know that if you put your whole heart into it, and do all the homework and assignments, you will begin to discover a freedom in, and a LOVE for God that will make you shine like the sun when you are done. We promise that her teachings will allow you to be "Set Free", from whatever bondages you may be experiencing, as well as expand your knowledge of the Bible at least "100" fold. As I begin to seek my Pastoral degree from Liberty University, I am so greatful that we have invested in and completed the following studies;

  • Stepping Up-(Trachena did this at church)
  • Daniel
  • Breaking Free

We thank you again for reading, and also for subscribing to our blog, and know that the ministry team at Surrender40 is in prayer for you and your families. Be set free, from ANY & ALL bondage, and know that God LOVES YOU always!

Be Richly Blessed,

Steve & Trachena Muchnick



Hetty Siebens said...

AMEN...when I first started going to Bible study-about 9 months into my accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior...I was able to experience her DVD studies...and they are awesome..she doesn't hold back...she is on fire-thru all things she has gone thru...she has risen up-known He has these amazing plans-and can us her, in her for it makes her strong...just like all of us! We all have different gifts He gave us...hers is amazing-and leaves you in awe-where are we standing in our relationship with Christ...when you check her out-you begin to learn your walk can be-and will be stronger when you live on fire-thru HIM!! God bless you-thank you for this invite-love your work thru our Lord...and Blessings to Beth Moore...God has more than smiles all over for her-

In His Grip,

Hetty Siebens (Hetty4Christ)

Surrender40 said...

Once again Hetty,you are so on target. Trachena and I thank you for the support and blessings. Peace, and good night!

Steve & Trachena Muchnick
Co-Founders of Suurender40

"Virtuous Wannabe" said...

My first bible study with Beth Moore was in 1998, It was on the tabernacle...I can remember thinking "Boy, is this going to be boring." Also, "How can this relate today". Of course, I wasn't a christian at that time, just pretending to be one...knew all the "churchy" things to say...well, I accepted Jesus as my Savior during that bible study and you know the rest, my life has never been the same. Thank you for a super blog, your love for Christ shines through it!

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