Monday, December 25, 2017

Changes to Come in 2018

In the coming New Year we will be making some changes. We have sought the Lord and He has guided our steps. We believe these changes will result in more lives reached for Jesus. He is the source of everything we do.

Surrender40 started by a Word from God Christmas Eve 2008 at Calvary Chapel Kendall. Out of Love for the Lord, obedience was took to action and thus started the journey. It's been truly incredible to see lives changed for Jesus. From being the hands of feet on the streets of Miami to many other cities in the United States. We are truly grateful and privileged that we had these moments of service to the Lord.

These are some changes to come:

-Name Change
In January of this year, God spoke to my heart about changing the name of the ministry. I've been in prayer most of the year about this. The name change will come in 2018.
Pink Love Ministries a DBA of Surrender40 remain the same and continue as normal.

-New outreach approach yet with the same heart to serve with Love through Christ.

-Board Members

Please pray for us as we make these changes and step into everything God has for each of us in 2018.

Much Love and Blessings!
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Jesus Joy

Jesus Joy⭐️

Merry Christmas 2017🎄💜💛

Today we had the great privilege to serve at Heart of Florida those who are sick in body. 

As we walked each floor, Steve laughed as  I jokingly not even realizing it said, “everyone get up and running”. But that is what childlike faith says, and with that we spent time with Janet. Janet is in physical and emotional pain. We spoke to her about Jesus and prayed with her. It got me thinking as I took a picture of the emoji pain chart that some have physical pain as well as emotional pain and both yet with different degrees of that pain. Although pain is real, so is Jesus. We can reach up to Our Savior in childlike faith and believe that He will heal us. 

Today, whatever pains you are suffering, reach out to the One who will comfort you. “The Lord nurses them when they are sick and restores them to health.” Psalm‬ ‭41:3‬ ‭

In the mist of any sickness, you can find Jesus Joy. 

As we close out 2017 and reflect on all the lives touched this year by Jesus, we thank you for all the Love, prayers and support. 

May God Bless you today on Christmas and Jesus Joy in the New Year.

He Loves you.


Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thankful on Thanksgiving

Today's outreach to Heart of Florida Medical Center was a beautiful and blessed time! We were able to serve the Lord by serving others and bringing hope of Our Savior Jesus Christ. From room to room and down each hall the similes from patients to staff were overflowing today in thankfulness. 
It sure was a unique blessing to see many rooms empty today as many were discharged to family and friends. 
We were able to minister one on one with Diane who has many stomach issues. 
She actually started crying when we told her that God loves her. 
We prayed with her and gave her some items to make her stay more comfortable. 
Hospital Ministry is truly a blessing, there are many that don't have families that visit them. It's important that we reach out to those that are sick and pray with them. Just hanging out with them and listening to their stories brings great joy to their faces. It's all about them, and loving others well. We are truly thankful this Thanksgiving that we were able to share in God's Love through the Love of Christ. 
We prayerfully hope you had a very blessed Thanksgiving Day! 
Thank you for all your prayers and support. 
Much Love and God Bless you!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sweet & Simple

Today was a very blessed day serving Davenport. 
Each and every outreach is so very different. It was a very sweet yet simple day in the Lord. 
We were able to serve Pizza, give out some clothes and hygiene items and Bibles. 
We shared in fellowship by praying with those that wanted prayer. 
We are thankful that FEMA came out and many lives in the 
Mobile Park Home were restored after Hurricane Irma did much damage.
Please keep Bradley (as seen in the picture above )
in your prayers as he just got out of jail and needs to get back home to GA. 
He accepted Christ in jail and really wants to stay on this path with the Lord.
Thank you for praying for us and more importantly all the families in this mobile park home.
God Bless you in Jesus Name.


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