Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thankful on Thanksgiving

Today's outreach to Heart of Florida Medical Center was a beautiful and blessed time! We were able to serve the Lord by serving others and bringing hope of Our Savior Jesus Christ. From room to room and down each hall the similes from patients to staff were overflowing today in thankfulness. 
It sure was a unique blessing to see many rooms empty today as many were discharged to family and friends. 
We were able to minister one on one with Diane who has many stomach issues. 
She actually started crying when we told her that God loves her. 
We prayed with her and gave her some items to make her stay more comfortable. 
Hospital Ministry is truly a blessing, there are many that don't have families that visit them. It's important that we reach out to those that are sick and pray with them. Just hanging out with them and listening to their stories brings great joy to their faces. It's all about them, and loving others well. We are truly thankful this Thanksgiving that we were able to share in God's Love through the Love of Christ. 
We prayerfully hope you had a very blessed Thanksgiving Day! 
Thank you for all your prayers and support. 
Much Love and God Bless you!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sweet & Simple

Today was a very blessed day serving Davenport. 
Each and every outreach is so very different. It was a very sweet yet simple day in the Lord. 
We were able to serve Pizza, give out some clothes and hygiene items and Bibles. 
We shared in fellowship by praying with those that wanted prayer. 
We are thankful that FEMA came out and many lives in the 
Mobile Park Home were restored after Hurricane Irma did much damage.
Please keep Bradley (as seen in the picture above )
in your prayers as he just got out of jail and needs to get back home to GA. 
He accepted Christ in jail and really wants to stay on this path with the Lord.
Thank you for praying for us and more importantly all the families in this mobile park home.
God Bless you in Jesus Name.


Sunday, September 24, 2017

"After The Storm"-Does Life EVER Go Back To Normal?

What we used to call Proctors Trailer Park is now Spring Lake Mobile Home Park, and today we were there to serve and love on our neighbors. If you are a regular follower of Surrender40 Ministries, you would know that Trachena mobilized a huge amount of people and support after the devastation that Hurricane Irma left behind in Polk County. The days following the storm, many people in our own community stepped up to help Trachena feed and clothe the residents in the park, and so many were blessed during that trying time.

It is now 2 weeks after the hurricane and MOST people are just getting their lives back in order, or so you would think. But what about the people that were struggling before the storm? What about the families that live far below the poverty level because of life's circumstances, or many due to illness or disabilities, what happens to them when a storm like Irma decimates their mobile home park. What happens when the already poor infrastructure of old utility poles and 50 year old drainage systems collapse under the power of 100 mph sustained winds? Life begins to smack you down even further, and already tough circumstance compounded by fierce natural tragedy makes people feel like giving up.

Today we were deeply moved by 2 different "LIFE" stories, both of which we shared on Facebook. The lives of Felipe and his family, whose trailer was almost destroyed and  is severely water damaged, and cannot get through to FEMA. Then there is the story of  young Anna Whitehead, (pictured above, next to Trachena) who is 11 weeks pregnant and about to be homeless by October 1st, with no where or no one to turn to. These lives are NOT back to normal, and it will only be by the Grace of God that we pray they will get the help they need as soon as possible.

We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and that is what God has asked this ministry to do since 2008, and by His grace and mercy we will continue to do that. All we ask you to do is pray for these people and continue to LOVE others like there is no tomorrow, because tomorrow is promised to no one. Thank you to everyone that donated to this ministry, so that we could bring the food, clothing and hygiene products to so many in need. Thank you for your love and support and your continued prayers for the work that God has us doing here. Thank you Jesus for your LOVE and the fire that burns in your people to help bless one another. WE love you and pray for you all and we are so grateful for your love for us, and remember;

We Will Rise When He Calls Our Name Share/Bookmark

Saturday, August 19, 2017

"Four Stories of Hope"-A Day in the Life of Hospital Ministry

Today we had the honor of meeting 6 people with uniquely different stories that touched our hearts deeply. We will share a summary with you along with some of the pain we felt, as well as some of the hope and joy. The first couple we met were Dannie and Melanie. She was admitted with severe pain and was being tested for heart problems, and her beloved husband Dannie, had driven 10 hours straight from North Carolina, where he works for a major energy company. They both love the Lord, although we could both sense that they wanted a closer walk and they allowed us to pray over them when we left. Melanie was so touched by our visit that she actually told Trachena that she wanted to donate to the work that God has us doing through Surrender40 Ministries. The next two people God led us to were Helen and her son Tyrone, who has remained in an unresponsive coma for over a month. Helen had the glory of God all over her and her faith was amazing. She visits her beloved son daily and has NEVER lost hope or faith that he would be revived and healed, even after having a massive heart attack and being declared brain dead almost 30 days ago. Her hope in the God of Wonders had us in tears and we laid hands on Tyrone and prayed for a miracle from The Lord. Then there was Rodney, who grew up Baptist home yet had strayed far from God over the years. He was very honest with us and even though he admitted that if he died tonight he would not enter The Kingdom of Heaven, he was not ready to surrender. We need many prayers for Rodney please, since tomorrow is promised to no one! The last stop was Sally, who was a sad and very broken woman that was being discharged today and had to move into a hotel because she is near homeless. She has been a believer most of her life yet she sounded like she is losing hope. Trachena prayed a powerful prayer over her and she was very grateful that we stopped by.

It was a beautiful day of sharing the Love of Jesus and preaching The Gospel, and letting people know how very much God loves them.

Thank you to everyone that prays for us and supports us by your love gifts and remember that we rely 100% on donations as we are fully self supported. Thank you and and may God bless you and your beautiful families and remember;

We Will Rise When He Calls Our Name


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